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Your marketing questions answered …

Further to my blog the other week where I talked about attending an online networking meeting, I went to another meeting but within the same network, and we repeated the same exercise about asking each other questions on the what, how, why, and the benefits and detail of the services and products we offer. The questions I was asked, interestingly were different. This time, I got asked about how to be seen, the marketing channels, measuring your successes and planning. So here is what I was asked, along with my answers …

Being seen in marketing terms

How to be seen and what channels to use?

When blogging, and noting I am not a copy writer or an SEO expert, tips based titled blogs do well. For example 5 reasons why or 10 ways how to etc etc. What to include in blogs are keywords, tips and advice. Then direct traffic to this blog via social media posts, monthly minutes and so on. This can be written or recorded.

In terms of what channels to use for your business, this depends very much on the audience you are targeting, the message you are trying to get across and your goals, timelines and budget. Measurability, is also a factor to consider when choosing a channel, noting online and digital is easier to measure for ROI.

Should you use all the social media channels or just one or two? Again, this will depend on which channel your audience is on the most, as well as whether your content is more image based or words and links. Try them and then measure regularly to see what is working and what is not. Then make changes and delete or continue accordingly.

What if you/your business isn’t online, what else can you do? Assuming you aren’t on social media or have a website, other ideas include events, networking, PR and articles (in print or radio), direct mail (letters, postcards, merchandise etc) and CSR/sponsorship/ 

Marketing planning and strategy

Is a marketing plan a one-off document or ongoing?

A marketing plan or strategy document can be started at any time, whether the business is brand new or whether it is established and in need of a relaunch or review. A plan is best written by an expert, with the business owner’s involvement, and it is best implemented by a team (virtual or real) who each has areas of expertise. You need the ideas people, but you also need those who take action. Depending on what skills, resource and budget you have, this will depend on your team and next steps.

Your marketing planning and strategy can be a one-off activity in terms of setting out the foundations and getting the basics in place such as launching your site or getting a membership, but then it turns into monthly/regularity activity on a 30 day basis eg a monthly newsletter or networking event.

Is your marketing working?

How can you tell if your marketing is working?

It is all about accountability and keeping focussed and remaining on track. Measuring your activity in terms of number of leads, sales, ROI, analytics, followers and likes and so on is a must and then cross checking this against your goals and KPI’s. It is not just about the numbers, but it’s about the quality as well. Likes are important, but engagement, reach and users taking action is equally, if not more important.

If you don’t regular review your stats and report on them, and make changes accordingly, you will never know how well you are doing or know what is/isn’t working for you and the business.

One way to do is to have a bespoke, individualised brainstorming session with me to ask me questions or for me to ask you questions. This hour including a report of recommendations after is only £50.

What is marketing?

Everything comes under the subject of marketing doesn’t it?

Branding, print, design and so on certainly does fall under the marketing category, but this doesn’t mean to say a consultant like me is an expert in all of these fields. These are specialist areas that requires expertise. Pinpoint is not a brand expert or designer, but we can recommend one to your business. Same goes for other areas like printers, website designers, copy writers, social media trainers etc.

I can also advise on marketing related subjects in general like content, social media etc, but I will also refer on if an expert with more insight is needed.

Who am I?

I did get asked “how did I get so good?” Years of experience in marketing as well as being a small business owner myself and putting myself in other’s shoes. For how to choose someone good to help you, read this other blog of mine.