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Working Mums (and Dads!), you’ve got this!

To all you working mums with #backtoschool and the start or return of the school runs, you’ve got this! Whether it is your child’s first day or they are returning to the same school but in a new year, try and not get overwhelmed by mum guilt. Easy to say I know.

Most of us need to work for financial reasons whether we are employed or self employed. And we strive for that elusive work life balance with our family life and home and our jobs or businesses. My advice, and I am professing to being an expert, is to just do your best and that’s all you can do.

Try and take if you can, the positives from working and having a career or being a business owner. For example, in my mind, you are showing your children that hard work pays off and demonstrating the importance of a good work ethic. These are life lessons they will learn from. The children I’m sure will benefit in the end from your good example.

On a more tongue in cheek moment, it is ok to sometimes accept some days you can’t submit the perfect proposal AND cook a homemade dinner from scratch. Neither somedays will you be able to pick the kids up from school if they are ill or need you and make that client meeting. Being a working mum (and of course a working Dad!) is a juggling act and one that sometimes isn’t easy. But, be the best version of you that you can be and I’m sure your children will then be this too!

Have a good term!