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Why telemarketing is not a dirty word

Telemarketing services

Most see “telemarketing” as a dirty word – conjuring images of sweat call centres and telemarketers being ruthless on the phone.  But NOT at a lot of places, including Pebble Marketing UK. (this is a guest blog from Oya Emir-Wilson of Pebble Marketing)

Lead generation and telemarketing go hand-in-hand with a campaign, along with business development.  At Pebble Marketing UK, we provide a holistic approach to a campaign, where we act as an extension to your sales and marketing team.

You may have field reps who just don’t have the time to make outbound B2B calls and get meetings booked. Or those that just don’t know who to call.  It may be a case that staff just have a fear of cold calling.  Whichever it is, Pebble Marketing UK create a white label campaign, having an onboarding training day – so we get to know and understand your company, it’s values and ethos, and more importantly your products and services.  We aim to not just represent your business, but it’s so much more than that – trying to get what you feel for your business, the products, the service, voiced with feeling down the phone.

Data is imperative before commencing any telemarketing campaign. 

If you’ve already got data, great! But we need to do our due diligence first to verify:

  • Source of the data
  • How consent was obtained
  • How old the data is.

We can also run a data screening service against the Corporate & Telephone Preference Service (C/TPS) register? This has to be done every 28 days. 

If however, you have no idea on who your ideal client is, then don’t worry.  We can help in this process with our preferred data suppliers, working hand in hand making sure the data list provided is exactly what you need for the campaign.  Things to consider are:

  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Turnover
  • Number of Staff (per site or whole organisation)
  • Decision Maker Job Role


When buying data, make sure that it is multiple use for 12 months minimum.  This then allows you to post, email and call multiple times (please refer to data suppliers T&C’s on data acquired) for each record.

Storing data is vital, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  There are lots to choose from on the market, so trial out what works best for you and your business.  Having a CRM is like an email system, your calendar, notes and more, all stored into one package.  It’s a great way of tracking the number of outbound calls made in a campaign.  Some CRM systems enable to utilise the package for free – but does come with its limitations, and CRM Branded.  What works for us at Pebble Marketing is HubSpot CRM.  We can upload data from a excel or .csv file, upload email templates – which is then synced to your preferred email source (Outlook or Google and more!)

Now, you’re nearly ready to pick up that phone – you need to get your “Sassy Pitch” on point.  You’ve only got 20 seconds to make an impression – whether it’s to the gate keeper or decision maker.  Keep it simple, concise and clear with:

  • your name
  • Company
  • and the reason for your call – a quick introduction to the product/service
  • What you’d like to achieve from the call: is it:
    • Brand awareness
    • Book an online demonstration
    • Awareness or invitation to an event
    • Book a phone call, virtual or face-to-face meeting

Sales calls

Oh – and my top tip would be to ask “is it a good time for a quick chat?”  This just puts people at ease and lets their guard down a little.  And even if it’s not a good time to speak, ask if you can book in a call later on in the day or following day.  It gives them reassurance that you won’t be wasting their time and getting some commitment from them too.

We can help take the stress away of all of that.  Telemarketing & lead generation takes a “type” of person who’s resilient to take the “no’s”, be persistent but patient.  Personable without crossing the professional line. And have the energy and passion to carry call after call, delivering your company and it’s product or service in a respectful, reputable manner.

Outsourcing your marketing

The benefits of outsourcing a campaign of this nature compared to hiring an internal telemarketer are immense with the overheads incurred of a staff member.  Having a drip feed effect of lead generation and telemarketing is effective, concentrating of the campaign and it’s results and booking calls through to meetings directly into your diary. 

We have years of expertise, taking care of sourcing compliant data, CRM, creating catchy emails, making the calls and delivering you results.   What’s more, we have a transparent approach to providing you with shared-access to the CRM, with a daily Call Tracker – giving you a daily synopsis of calls made.

So why not give us a call and let’s explore the world of outbound B2B telemarketing and lead generation together.