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Why Marketing fails?

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This isn’t intended to be negative and doom and gloom, but more a case of being proactive and giving advice on what to look out for and what to avoid.

We all make mistakes, and we all have good and not so good ideas, and this is true of small business owners in all industries and markets. If something in our marketing or in our business doesn’t go as planned or work out as well as intended, this doesn’t mean to say we have failed or mucked up and should give up. Many ideas don’t fly first time round, maybe not even the second time round. I heard this advice during a presentation from the shopkeeper and entrepreneur, Theo Paphitis whom Pinpoint has won an award from as part of his SBS competition.

This blog aims to look at the physical reasons and the more mental reasons why your marketing campaigns or ideas fail or don’t work as well as hoped in terms of ROI.

Why marketing fails – physically?

The campaign or project or your marketing plan itself may not have been as thorough as it could have been. The detail may have not been there or the idea may not have been thought through financially or logistically.  Or there may not have been any planning at all, which would be a real error.

If it was planned and thought about, maybe something just needs reviewing and tweaking instead to have the desired impact and ROI. Could it have been wrong place, wrong time? with today’s climate, being sensitive to other’s and their predicaments needs to come across in any messaging or marketing content. Could you have perhaps misread or misjudged the right target audience? As in did your marketing try and target everyone and anyone, rather than homing in on a specific audience or type of person/business? Maybe the messaging may not have been pitched right meaning it didn’t resonate. Or maybe the messaging/content didn’t include a clear or any CTA (call to action) eg the campaign failed to tell the reader/listener what you wanted them to do, such as click the link, book a call, phone a number etc.

Why marketing fails – mentally?

This is harder to gage in terms of stats and analytics, which the physical reasons may show. Mentally, maybe you gave up on the idea or campaign halfway through launching and implementing or maybe you didn’t really believe it would be a success in the first place? Maybe you launched the campaign or project but never followed up because you didn’t have time or the willpower, which is understandable. I am by no means perfect, but on this point, I am the opposite to not following up. I keep in touch with prospects and contacts and I follow up and this persistence wins me business! I know this because I have been told so by clients. Perhaps the campaign or marketing failed because your heart was not in it and you were not feeling positive or motivated. This would be plausible at this current time, but it can be turned around. Another reason for failure, sorry for the harsh sounding word, could be that what you are doing or selling doesn’t make you feel or be in flow. This lack of passion or enthusiasm may well come across, unintentionally, when you are selling and marketing your business.

The good thing is that there is always the second campaign or marketing idea. Take what you learned, good and bad, from previous campaigns through stats and analytics (Google analytics, social media stats, viewing figures etc) and through WOM/verbal feedback and tweak. Then review these tweaks to ensure the revised campaign ticks the boxes and then relaunch/resend it. That’s what marketing is all about! Knowing your why and your purpose initially, then using as much info as you have, to make sure its bang on the money, then follow up and review it after before going again. Consistency and continuity are key.

And don’t give up or give yourself a hard time if things fail or don’t go to plan. Keep going and don’t be afraid to ask for help or support from your network or experts.

 “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” – Ken Robinson

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