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Why is having a marketing plan so important to your business?

Marketing plan

Who is planning a holiday for this year or next? Or even a night out with friends?

Who is planning a new exercise regime or a new way of eating?

Or maybe you are planning to make some changes to your business whether that be staffing or launching new services or revamping your website or brand?

Whatever you are going to do be doing or changing in 2022 personally or business wise, I bet you will plan it! You will plan where to go, what to wear, what to eat, what to say to customers etc etc no doubt. So why wouldn’t you plan for your business? Whether this is a Marketing Plan or Business Plan. After all, its probably a case of what you earn from your business which funds such holidays and exercise memberships and meals out …

Why you should plan your marketing

In Pinpoint Marketing’s opinion, growth is all down to planning.  Pinpoint feels the majority of your successes will be down to careful planning, therefore giving your business time and attention via such a plan is the way forward.

Marketing shouldn’t be seen as a tick box exercise and it is important to know your business why and to know the purpose of your marketing. The benefits of a plan will help you get organised, be logical and build foundations.

A plan will save you time and money, but remember that a marketing plan is different to a business plan.

Marketing plan or business plan?

Where a Marketing Plan differs from a business plan mainly is with regard to including financial figures. These are important when goal setting and shoule be reviewed monthly as well as the marketing activity. The main areas to look at are:

Profit and Loss sheet

Balance sheet

Costs (all and of marketing)

An accountant or financial planner or business coach/mentor will be able to help with the financial aspects of planning.

Still need convincing on a marketing plan?

If goals or objectives for a company’s marketing activities haven’t been set or considered, then how can you the business owner decide if you have achieved what you set out to do? Without reviewing marketing campaigns in terms of what worked and what didn’t, how do you therefore know where to spend your future time and budget? By having a marketing plan implemented into your business and by tracking this plan, you and your business will see a real benefit to your small business successes.

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Is it January or never to have a marketing plan?

It is worth saying that a Marketing Plan isn’t only applicable at the beginning of the year. A plan can be created and implemented at any time and the content and timelines can be bespoke to you and your business. Marketing strategies aim to be resilient, subject to change and reactive to the market place and your customers.