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Why having a clear vision for your business is important prior to starting any creative work

JWJ Design and branding

Before we start any major piece of design for our clients we ask some key, fundamental questions: What are your values and what is the vision for your business?

At JWJ Design we need to understand the vision for your business as any creative design, especially brand work, must reflect your identity, values, and goals. A brand is more than just a logo or a visual identity, it is the representation of your company’s personality, the promise you make to your customers and the identity needs to be able to grow as your business grows. In 2 or 3 years time you don’t want to re-design your branding as it doesn’t reflect where you are today. 

Brand design

When it comes to any brand work it is extremely important to think about the following: 

  1. Brand design should reflect your company’s identity: Your brand should visually communicate what your company is about, this includes your values, mission, and personality. Without a clear understanding of these aspects of your business, it will be difficult to create a brand design that accurately represents your company.
  • Brand design should communicate your company’s goals: Your brand design should be aligned with your company’s goals. For example, if your goal is to be seen as a reliable and trustworthy partner, your brand design should reflect that through the use of colours, fonts, and imagery that communicate these qualities.
  • Brand design should resonate with your target audience: It should appeal to your target audience. To do that you need to have a clear understanding of their preferences, values, and needs.
  • Brand design should be consistent: A clear vision for your business will help ensure that your brand is consistent across all channels and platforms. This consistency is important because it helps to build trust and recognition amongst your target audience.

Do you have a clear understanding of the values of your business?

What is the vision for the business in 5 or even 10 years time? Does your current brand image and marketing design truly reflect where you are today and where you want to be going? 

Often as our businesses change and adapt the original creative we had designed all those years ago feels disconnected to how we talk about our business today, it might be that you need to think about a refresh or redesign of your brand and marketing assets. 

In summary, the business brand, design and values should all fit with and resonate with your overall company vision and mission. Your vision is what your business wants to be known/perceived, your brand purpose is what your business wants to do/achieve, and what it believes in; these in turn all feed into your values and goals.

About Alison:

Alison Joshi is the founder of JWJ Design, a graphic design agency that specialises in brand and print design for small businesses.