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Who we do it for

Can we work with YOU?

Probably! Pinpoint Marketing aims to serve the professional services and b2b* niche markets and industries like you, when it comes to supporting your marketing with strategies and plans and providing ongoing outsourced marketing and project management. For example;

Marketing for Accountants

Marketing for Solicitors

Marketing for HR

Marketing for IT

plus Facilities Management. And then collaboratively with  digital marketing agencies and creative agencies and business consultants

Why B2B Marketing?

* To clarify what we mean by b2b markets.You as an accountant or a solicitor for example are a business (the b of b2b). That said, your clients may be b2b eg other businesses needing your services or they could be b2c eg individuals needing your services.

Pinpoint wants to help businesses multiple services. When you talk to your prospective clients and customers, do they ask for/do they want a long list of the services that you and the business offers? They want to know why you, why are you different, what problems can you solve for them, how can you help them specifically and how.

Upselling and cross selling

The probability of selling to your already-existing customers is much higher—between 60% and 70%. ( and it 7 times more experience to acquire a new customer than sell to an existing one. So why wouldn’t you make the most of what and who the business has before trying to find brand new business? How good is your internal marketing?

Why choose Pinpoint Marketing?

Unlike other marketing planners and strategists Pinpoint Marketing creates and writes the plan for you AND we help you  to implement it using our skills, your skills, their skills and bringing in our network of experts where needed. We work with you, support you and keep with you for as long as you need us.
It is the optimum outsourced marketing option with project management for your business.

We are your CMO and outsourced marketing manager. Find out more below