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Who doesn’t love a bit of recycling! (of the content variety!)

No, Pinpoint Marketing hasn’t diversified into recycling. But we do understand that none of us like wasting time, money or precious resources, as small business owners.

Plan your content!
Recycle your content!
Make sure your marketing messaging is consistent across all social media, all marketing and all collateral!

Start by creating a content plan! This plan should include:

  • market and industry news – search your market/industry magazines for topical news and use the themes as content. Do not directly copy though!
  • products and services – what are launching, what services are you selling etc
  • company news – what is the company up to? Any staff/recruiting? Any award wins or new business won?
  • awareness days – what is happening that you can piggy back on such as national pie week or world book day or Easter holidays, Christmas and so on
  • general updates

Covering these areas by thinking it through and pre-planning, you will ensure all your products and services are marketed, which will enable content to be written and recycled for blog, website, minutes, social media and so on.

Read more about our Content Planning service on the website