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Which marketing channels to use for your business?

What is a marketing channel?

If you take the 4 P’s of marketing, the channel “P” is place (the other P’s are product, price and promotion). Collectively the 4P’s are also known as the marketing mix. So what is the theory? What about the practical aspect of channels?

The channels can be split by offline and online. The main offline channels are the press, magazines, radio, PR, adverts, direct mail, networking and so on. The main online channels are social media, websites, SEO, PPC, email marketing and so on.

How do you choose the right channel for your business?

As with anything in marketing, there are factors to consider when choosing the channel or channels for your business. Such factors or areas to consider include your audience in terms of what they read, see, listen to and where they go. Also the type of message or content you are trying to portray and its format is to be considered. Another consideration is including and being authentic to your style. And always consider and factor in the format of your CTA (call to action). Timelines and budget will also need to be considered. To download our guide, go to the website

Now you know what a channel is, which ones are out there and how to choose the right one/s for your business?

How can you bring all this together into your marketing?

Combining all the channels and getting your message out there to your audience and covering all the bases can be done through a campaign. Eg creating content, steps to release this content with timely gaps and personalised content. Then following up and measuring this campaign. Repeat what is successful and go again.

Use the marketing channels to guide, nurture, educate, support and convert

By using the channels in the right order and ensuring you use each one consistently, you will build up your presence and awareness and you will be drip feeding your message and increasing your touches with your customers. For example a campaign or multi-channel usage could look like this:

  • You may start using the networking channel
  • Then connecting with those you meet on social media channel/s and inviting them to view your website (another channel)
  • Then invite these connections (with consent) to sign up for your email marketing comms
  • Then track these comms for open rates, clicks etc and then ask to engage with them further by the phone or a personalised email or letter in the mail, with a view to converting them into a customer or sale.

By creating a campaign with many touches you are not only achieving consistency with your marketing, but you are also being regular with your touch points. Many campaigns or salespeople give up after a few touches, so by carrying on with a well-timed and well spaced-out campaign, you are becoming ever present in the prospect’s mind and are therefore much more likely to convert the low hanging fruit/the prospect into a customer. Slow and steady wins the race!

For more help, advice and further marketing channel ideas, visit our guides and templates page or our brainstorming hours page