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What would you do with an extra day? This could be weekly, every other week monthly?

Aside from the obvious like take a day off, go shopping, take a holiday, seriously what could you do within or for your business with this extra time? What can only you do that isn’t getting done or could be done with more time? For example, face to face sales, attending networking events or doing fee earning work?

This is where someone like me, Nicole Martin, of Pinpoint Marketing could come in! Pinpoint is like your extra pair of hands, eyes and ears! Plus re gift of time …

According to wikipedia, the definition of outsourcing is “In business, outsourcing is an agreement in which one company contracts its own internal activity to different company. It involves the contracting out of a business process. Eg marketing!

I have a number of clients I see weekly or monthly (as they don’t need a full time marketing employee) where I act as there mini marketing department and do everything marketing wise that I can for them in this regular period of time. This could be anything from meeting and brainstorming, email marketing and data, social media profiling and content, finding new leads, representing them via networking and market research.

So the client gets regular and expert support. They pay by invoice so no holiday or sick pay, NI etc. Their marketing is consistent and monitored and professional, leaving them free to do only what they can do best (once we have met, updates each other and set regular plans and goals).

They get strategic and hands on expertise, but without corporate prices and long term commitment/contractual obligations.

The work can be done in my office, their office or both!

I get to know the client over this time meaning I can add more value and service!

Everyone is a winner!

So, do you need more time back? Could you benefit from regular outsourcing of your marketing? Ask Pinpoint!

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