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What to say and how to say it?

marketing messaging

This is a sticking point for a lot of small business owners, and marketers, when it comes to creating content for social media and other marketing channels.

This blog will look at what can you share in your marketing messaging and where can you get content from?

To make it clear, we are not saying to copy anyone else’s content and claim it as you own of course, so what else can do share or use or create content wise. Noting, be careful of copyright and plagiarism.

What are the common worries for small business owners when it comes to writing and creating content?

What to say and how? Is anyone interested in what I do? What if it comes across as boring or not original? What about suffering with writer’s block?  

Where to look for content?

You could tell a story and include a headline. You could include bullet points and top tips. Successful pieces and posts often focus around top tips, how to, do’s and don’t’s etc. Always include a CTA, call to action too. Eg whatever you want the reader or listener to do/action to take.

Images for your marketing

If you use images, make sure these are royalty free. Or use your own images or photos or buy stock ones or ask a graphic designer to create bespoke, branded ones for you.

What to include in your marketing messaging?

Including your keywords and topical/relevant hashtags. In salesy posts, include your offers and services plus any competitions, deals and packages. For non salesy posts, you can look at topical events, seasonal info, internal/business news, staff teams, motivational quotes, industry news from online or trade press. Facts and figures are interesting to use too, and quote the source. Fun posts of a light hearted nature are also good from time to time.

Content planning

Pinpoint recommends you develop and create a content plan as part of your ongoing marketing plan and strategy to make the most of any marketing messaging.

The two tie in together and creating a content plan as part of a marketing plan will yield better results and successes in your marketing activity.

To end, here are a couple of top tips. Don’t forget to measure your content, looking at numbers, stats and engagement. And remember it is ok to recycle and repurpose content across the various marketing channels (social media, blogs, newsletters, networking speeches and so on) and platforms.