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What next? Options after sending your consent request sign-up email?

So, you have sent an email or a few asking clients and contacts on your database (current data, prospects, lapsed) to consent. Some will not have responded. So, what are your options?

Can I keep contacting them after the 25th May has passed?
(using a tool like Mailchimp)

If they are a client currently, then mention in this will happen in your t’s and c’s and you can maintain contact as part of your work.

Yes you can but only IF you are not using consent as your lawful basis for processing data.

Yes you can IF you are using legitimate interest as your lawful basis, and if they have been a client or are a client. To do this, you must complete a legitimate interest assessment.

Can I email them via Outlook?

If you are relying on consent and if you have opt-in, then yes.

For networking contacts, and if you are relying on legitimate interest, then yes but always offer the opt-out option.

If someone expresses NO interest, then you must delete them.

However, you can use postal marketing and social media for marketing purposes. Be respectful!


Please note this is not legal advice. Seek advice from a legal body or consult a GDPR expert such as Databasix.