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What marketing tasks from your business should or could you outsource and why?

Outsourcing your marketing

So you have decided to get some help for you and your business or are at least considering it so you can focus on growing the business and do what you do best. This is a great first step, not an easy one but well worth considering. If you still need support and advice when it comes to finding the right help, read our looking for the right consultant blog

Outsource your marketing

Before you outsource, consider how much time you have to deliver your marketing and estimate how much time is needed to dedicate to marketing weekly or monthly?

Do you want to do your own marketing or outsource your marketing?

Do you have the skills needed?

Marketing related tasks that you could outsource

In addition to areas of the business you could outsource like admin, invoicing, accounting and so on, marketing specific tasks to outsource and seek help on, could include:

  • Database building and cleansing (noting GDPR and data processing/data controlling rules and best practice)
  • Scheduling content for social media, blogs and so on
  • Writing content, but use a copy writer with experience
  • Setting up social media profiles and managing profiles, with an expert. Or get trained to do it yourself
  • Reporting, tracking and measuring your marketing to gauge ROI and success
  • Writing and sending your newsletter
  • Planning and strategising, with you. Use an expert to do this
  • Telemarketing to leads, or qualify leads
  • Lead generation
  • Ads for Google and social media. Use an expert as this is a specific skillset
  • Updating websites with content, SEO and so on. Use an expert as this is a specific skillset
  • PR activity

What to remember when you outsource

Always remember that whatever you outsource and to whom, always remain authentic and have overall control. Use your tone of voice and your ethics and regular meet and update and partner up with whomever you use to support you.

People buy from people after all, as the saying goes.