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What marketing areas do you struggle most with?

What marketing areas do you struggle most with?

Last month we ran a poll on LinkedIn for market research purposes, asking what marketing areas do you struggle with that you could benefit from with support. This was aimed at fellow small business owners.

Here are the answers I suggested and the votes in order of the highest responses.

How to plan/get consistency – 40%

Strategy and which channels – 30%

Knowing your ROI/measuring – 20%

Coming up with new ideas – 10%

Do these stats and results surprise you? They don’t surprise me as they are typical of my conversations with owner managed businesses. A marketing strategy, consistency and ROI are key areas where the struggle is real.


In marketing in terms of regularity, frequency and so on is a real struggle as businesses get busier and as they juggle the many aspects of running a business. Tip – Get organised. Write and schedule posts and content in advance using a common theme each month to underpin all the messages and posts. You can do this at the beginning on the month or week to ensure it gets done. This way helps you get organised, it stops the overwhelm, it ensures consistency and that outbound messaging is consistent and regular. Read more

Marketing Strategy

Again is a tricky one for small businesses. What channels to use, based on knowing your target audience first and also knowing your messaging and goals, is fundamental to get right. Tip – If you don’t, how will your service offering reach the right people at the right time and compel them to take action? Some of our downloads may help you with this


After consistency, is the next biggest mistake that businesses make. If you have a finite budget or amount of time to market your business, what you do must be impactful and quickly. But if you don’t know what activity brings you in the most leads or ROI, how do you know where to focus your efforts. Tip – Not every marketing channel is right for every business, so get your marketing strategy right and then measure up and follow up. Make this part of your campaign routine. Read more


And coming up with new ideas isn’t easy if you are too IN the business. an outside looking in view can help to confirm your ideas, review what you are doing and what is working, and then recommending new ideas. Tip – when you measure your marketing, make changes. Do more of what is working and less or none of what doesn’t. Ask for help if you need it.

We hope you have found these results and tips useful, and if Pinpoint can be of further assistance or support, please ask or visit the site