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What is working or not, where does your business come from and what action should you be taking with your marketing?

The latest Pinpoint Marketing blog answers these questions and discusses outsourcing too.

When I first talk to a client or a prospect, I ask what marketing they are or aren’t doing currently. This isn’t to judge but it is to get an understanding of where they are and what they want to achieve. Quite often the business owner thinks they actually do more than they do or underestimates what they do, so my fresh eyes on it sees it actually for what it is. If lots of marketing is happening but no results, then what is being done needs addressing or tweaking somehow. If not a lot is being done, then things need to be stepped up.

So when I ask what marketing is being done currently, what do I mean?

For example, the channels on offer to many small business include email marketing or newsletters. Social media, Advertising and PR. Networking and Direct mail. Websites and SEO, PPC, Blogging. or Face to face selling and more. How many of these boxes do you tick? (but like I say, marketing isn’t a tick box exercise it is just to gauge levels of activity).

Now you know what you do/don’t do, what is working well?

By this I mean where do your leads and enquiries come from? Where do you get new business from? And where/how do you convert this new business? These channels or sources of leads will be where you need to focus your future marketing budget and time on. It is all about the measuring and the ROI.

That said, when it comes to working well what does good look like? Good will look different to each small business and its owner. This will refer to your goals. Eg how many sales you want/need or how much growth do you want to see or how many more bookings etc. And is your sales pipeline or sales funnel looking healthy?

You know what you are doing and what is working, what next? Outsourcing your marketing?

Taking action is what is next. Either cutting back on the marketing or channels that don’t work for you and your business or putting more effort and resource behind what is working? Depending on your team and your skills, resource and time, you may need some external support to bring together your why, your summary of what is working/not and your analysis of the results to put this into meaningful next steps as a course of action. By this I mean outsourcing your marketing This could be outsourcing the review or marketing audit before action or it could mean outsourcing the action itself. Eg creating and making a plan of action then assigning roles and timelines and then implementing it with consistency and accountability and measuring too. These previous blogs may help you when it comes to outsourcing your marketing and what to consider

Could your business benefit from an Outsourced Marketing Director? 40% of small businesses I surveyed said they need help with marketing consistency. Do you need your marketing to be consistent but without you being bogged down with the day to day detail? Are you limited on time to manage/oversee your businesses marketing yourself? Would you like your marketing/team set up, well organised and proactive?