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What is Marketing? What does marketing mean to you?

  • For some it means advertising.
  • For some it evokes fear and overwhelm?
  • For some it means something very expensive and only for big companies.

What is marketing?

☑  Creating a product or service that is needed/in demand

☑  Setting a price

☑  Providing a “place” to sell

☑  Promoting

Put simply, marketing is about advertising your product or service to the people who want to buy it.

Marketing is getting potential customers interested and made aware of. After all, if you don’t have customers or potential customers, you don’t have a business!

Marketing helps you identify who these people are they could or should buy from you. It also helps work out the words to say to these people to advise them on what you have buy. These words will include your USP and features and benefits.

Marketing is telling people what is available, why they need it and how much it will cost. This is brand awareness.

Marketing is about finding ways to reach people using forms of promotion – eg physically as in a place in shops, cafes, networking events and exhibitions etc as well as virtually through websites, social media, advertising, press releases, email marketing, direct mail, videos, podcasts etc.

Its simply letting people know about you/your business. You will do this daily I’m sure intentionally and also without knowing eg chats at the school gates, at networking, by sharing social posts and so on.

Marketing is about increasing sales, through promotion

Marketing is all about consistency and regularity

Other words for marketing are advertising or promotion or presenting or publicising.


What marketing isn’t

Something to do sporadically.

  Expensive (if it is done properly, see it as an investment!).

  Only for the big companies.

  Waste of time for small businesses.

  Something to be scared of and to avoid

  Optional! It is essential


Examples of marketing:

  • Having a conversation at a dinner party or at the school gates
  • Running an advert in a magazine
  • Facebook posts
  • Linkedin articles
  • Blogging
  • Phoning someone
  • Emailing someone
  • Networking
  • Running an event
  • Talking on local radio
  • Entering an award
  • Using Twitter or Instagram
  • Setting up a Google me Business profile
  • Launching a website
  • Uploading videos and podcasts
  • Creating keywords for your site
  • Running pay per click campaigns and so on

These are ALL examples of marketing!


How do marketing properly

  Get organised and don’t adopt the as and when approach. Market your business even when you are busy.

  Plan your content and your activities. Get a plan!

  Do what is only suitable for your business rather than trying to do everything!

  Use an expert to help do what you can’t do.

  Review, measure and evaluate.



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