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What is it you do?

Have you asked people this question when networking or out and about? Has anyone asked you this question? If you run your own business then I imagine the answer is yes to both occasions. I certainly have.

Until reading the Go-Givers Sell More book my response to this question would be “marketing consultancy” or “marketing consultancy for small business”. Now I have read this book by Bob Burg and John David Mann, my response will be something along the lines of “I add value to small businesses and help them grow through marketing planning and campaigns”. Or perhaps include “saving time and money …”. Why this change of tact, according to the book sales are more about giving than selling. It is more about influencing, impacting and giving.

Another area that resonated with me, and something I told my pre-teen son about was the fact we cannot make a sale eg we cannot make a person do something. They can lead us, we can lead them but at the end of the day “people will do what people will do.” A simple yet powerful message don’t you think?

As you may know, as a long standing member and now chair of the Athena Network, I cannot praise and recommend networking enough to grow yourself and your business and to build a network and meet people. Not clients or prospects, but people. Don’t oversell and overpitch (read more about MacGuffin) but take time to listen and always always follow up. Networking is also a fabulous way to build up your reputation (the law of 250 by Joe Girard), especially if you ask an open and giving/value adding question like “How can I help you?”

The book also emphasises the giving aspect a lot. This is something I try to do, no actually I do DO this, for my clients. A recent testimonial I received echoed this and it said “Nicole is exceptional marketer outweighed only by her desire and willingness to refer within The Athena Network. She is always the first to follow up after meetings and is very much appreciated by all members. Everyone loves to work with Nicole and she treats every client as if they were her only client.” We can create value ourselves as the authors elude no and we don’t need to rely on others or external forces to do this for us. The aim is to PULL people in and not PUSH yourself out there to them, noy easy but do-able.

The 5 words to add value in this book are:

  1. excellence
  2. consistency
  3. attention
  4. empathy
  5. appreciation

I am recommending wholely the Go-Giver sells more. Find out more here