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What is a Virtual Assistant ? How can they help me and my business?

This is a guest blog from Stacey Childs of Inspire VA – Virtual Administration Support Services. Stacey says, from the start of my Virtual Assistant Journey I have written posts about all thing’s admin, here I have amalgamated the basic information so you get an overview of what a Virtual Assistant does and how it can benefit you.

It’s all about the admin and giving yourself the support system you need to streamline your processes and daily tasks.

It is so easy to forget the mundane administration tasks required to keep business flowing and it’s easy to overlook the paperwork whilst aiming for the recognition and the revenue that your business needs. Each business no matter the size has necessary admin tasks that shouldn’t be ignored, this is where a Virtual Assistant can help, they can carry out these admin tasks leaving you to handle the side of your business that needs you most.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA, is the person who supports you in your daily business life, helping to take away the tasks you don’t have the time to do. Helping to make your work life easier in the way a personal assistant would do but remotely, no hassle, no fuss – Just a phone call or email away.

Offering support for everything admin from ad-hoc work to sending and answering emails on your behalf, writing letters, typing notes, invoicing, chasing quotes, information and payments, contacting those potential business leads to updating, collating and refreshing database entries, proofreading and amending your documents, website content and even posting to social media. 

Think of all these things and the time it would save if you had a dedicated VA to complete this work for you.

Benefits of Hiring a VA

There are many benefits of hiring a VA, they work remotely, assisting you via email and telephone, no office space required. It is the difference between paying annually for a member of staff to having someone who can help with your admin but only as and when you need it.

Benefits of Utilising VA Services

1. Saving your Business Time and Money 

Hiring a VA can be cost effective for any business, there are no employee contracts, policies, holiday pay or benefits, A VA only charges for the work they do to the hours set by you, there are no hidden costs.

Think of a VA as an investment, helping to keep your staffing costs down whilst giving you the extra time to maintain and grow your business.

2. Rely on an Expert

Admin is not for everyone but a VA will have honed their craft over a number of years and will be well suited to the tasks at hand, each VA has their own skillset and this is an advantage to any company, the bones of good administration is the knowledge that comes with experience.

3. A Personal Business Relationship

Your relationship with a VA is simple, it’s the simple things a VA does to make your life easier, the more work a VA completes for you the more your working relationship grows and the trust develops. 

Remember: you control the work you give, and a VA ensures it’s completed –  it’s as easy as that.A good working relationship comes from great communication.

4. Help on Hand

No matter the task, no matter the urgency, no matter how big or small, whether it’s one hour a day, one hour a week or more, A VA’s main aim is to help their clients in anyway they can, to eliminate the stress and valuable time that is taking them away from the core of their business.

Frequently Asked Question’s 

As a Virtual Assistant, I am asked similar questions by every potential client, not everyone knows or understands what a VA can do or how hiring a VA could benefit their business. Below are a select few FAQ’s which may help:

  1. What can a Virtual Admin Assistant do for me? 

Everything Admin! – VA’s are a “one stop shop” for all your administration requirements, whatever admin tasks you need completed for your business a VA can handle. Whether it be regular admin works or ad-hoc tasks even some personal admin tasks.

Each VA is different and will have different skillsets depending on their background, but all VA’s know their stuff and will have the necessary skills to support you and your business no matter the industry. 

2. Would hiring a VA be money savvy for me in this climate? 

Yes, we believe it is. You pay for what you ask for nothing more, no long-term contracts, no annual pay, no employee benefits, no sick pay or maternity/paternity leave, you only pay for hours worked, saving your business valuable time and money whilst getting everything you need to keep your admin up to date.

3. How could a VA improve my working day? 

By eliminating the stress and time it takes to complete the basic admin tasks. A VA can complete this work for you giving you the time to concentrate on your business and the work you do best.

4. How much does a VA cost? 

Each VA will have their own personal hourly rate, some provide time bundles per week/month, some work on per task valuations, costs are usually dependent on the volume of work and hours required, each VA is different depending on their skillset.

5. How do I figure out what work I can give to a VA?

Only you can decide what you are happy to give to a VA but in the first instance I would suggest writing down a list of all your daily tasks, projects and works start by crossing out those items only you can handle and the remaining items discuss with a VA, they can guide and advise to what they can and can’t do but you will be amazed at what tasks they can complete for you.

6. Do Virtual Assistant’s carry out non-business-related admin?

Each VA has their own set of services, what they will and will not do, some are based purely on business needs and others incorporate personal administration into their works.

7. How easy is it to hire a VA?

It is as simple to hire a VA as it is to hire any service, a phone call, an email, a quick effortless exchange of agreement and the work is done, again each VA will have their own set of “start-up” procedures but these should be quick and easy, a VA’s role is to help reduce your admin not add to it!

I hope the above has piqued your interest and explained a little about what a VA can do and how easy it is to achieve a great work life balance with an experienced VA on hand to support you.