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Vision & Mission

What is Pinpoint Marketing’s why?

Now you know who we are from the about us page here is our why, our purpose and what we want to achieve. We are passionate about supporting small businesses and here is how/why.

The aim is for Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd is to make marketing simple for small businesses and owner managed businesses in the services/b2b sector. And we want to add value through cost effective packages and ongoing retainer support, as well as signposting to our wide network of suppliers and colleagues in the small business arena. Pinpoint Marketing strives to make a social impact by ensuring all small businesses have access to value-adding marketing support for growth and innovation.


The vision for Pinpoint Marketing is to be the go to marketing consultant and marketing agency and to be the number 1 choice for SME’s (accountants, solicitors, HR and IT primarily) when it comes to needing a bespoke and personalised marketing strategy and plan for your business.


  • Pinpoint Marketing are committed to excellence in marketing and providing realistic, supportive and ingoing help to you, our clients. We believe every business has a right to good advice and support in their small business journey.
  • Pinpoint Marketing offers a flexible solution to business owners and to always give options and introductions (marketing plans and outsourced marketing services and CMO)
  • Pinpoint Marketing wants marketing to be accessible for small business owners looking to grow or review how they do things.
  • Pinpoint Marketing wants to support, educate, add value and be of service to business directors and their teams and we want each and every business we work with to grow, achieve and succeed.
  • Pinpoint Marketing is committed to good customer service and good levels of communication.

The mission will be achieved through the vision, dedication and passion of director Nicole Martin and also through Pinpoint Marketing’s network of associates and suppliers. We will help with and work with as many business owners as possible.


Pinpoint Marketing’s culture is all about support and help. We support our clients and in return we ask our clients to work with us openly, honestly and in a timely manner. We want a two-way relationship with our marketing clients. Nicole also expects these standards and cultures from our network and suppliers too, to ensure a high quality service and an effective impact.

We help you with the practical and the theory, and we are with you EVERY step of your marketing journey.