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Top Tips: How to Stand out from the crowd on social media – guest blog from Claire Fryer

Recent stats show that Facebook has 2.5 billion active users and that 5.5 million people use Instagram stories every day. There are 145 million daily active users on Twitter and LinkedIn has over 500 million members.

If you’re reading these stats and wondering how on earth “little-old-you” can stand out from the crowd, don’t worry. Claire Fryer from One to Three Marketing shares her top tips on creating engaging content that won’t get lost.

  1. NEVER (ever, ever!) post on any platform without a supporting image or video. If you just post a quick text update on any platform it will get swallowed up by everything around it. The eye is so much easier drawn to an image than just words. 80% of people remember what they see, compared to ten percent what they hear and 20 percent of what they read.
  2. A couple of my go-to sources for imagery are: – a royalty free image and video bank that allows you to search by keywords. is another favourite.

Don’t choose an image from page 1 of the results – go a bit deeper into the library and you’ll likely end up using an image that is more unique (these image banks are well used and often people grab a picture from page 1.)

  1. Try out the slideshow feature in Facebook. It’s a nice way to share images with the movement of a video. When you want to add a new post hit the ‘picture icon and choose the slideshow option. Add your photos, set how long each image should show for and hey presto. A great little rolling slideshow is created.
  2. Create collages. There are many free apps out there to create picture collages. Two of our favourites are InstaCollageand CollageFactory – collages allow you to tell a story in one photo and look really effective.
  3. One more image tip – get creative with tools such as Canva and create your own infographics.
  4. Go Live! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have ‘live’ options where you can video in the moment and share what you’re up to right now with your audience. Give them a go! The functionality of the live tools is really user friendly and you can just start with a few seconds of what’s happening in your world and build up to sharing pieces to camera or more detail. Read more about Going Live in our blog
  5. Tell your story! Instagram stories are HUGE this year – more and more people are relying on stories alone to find out what their favourite influencers, businesses and friends are up to. Stories appear at the top of your Instagram app, and are live on Facebook too, and last for 24hours. They’re a great way to engage with your audience so give them a try. We’ve written some tips on creating a great story here.

Hot off the press: Twitter are trialling their own version of stories right now – called ‘fleets’ they’re in early trial stages but watch this space for a full roll-out.

  1. Did you know you can amend the font in a Facebook post? Check out http://www.fbfontchanger.comfor access to all sorts of fonts that will make your posts that little bit different.
  2. Don’t ‘sell, sell, sell.’ Your content should be 20% sales based – maximum! Your audience want to feel as if they are in a conversation with you, so ask questions, share your news, make them laugh and allow your personality to shine. Give away some nuggets of your knowledge and build your brand by being authentic and open.
  3. Finally, share other people’s content. Retweeting, reposting and sharing other people’s posts can help to build relationships with like-minded businesses and it is a positive thing to support others by helping to spread their news too.

Enjoy getting creative – don’t be a wallflower…, sparkle, shine!!

For more information and tips, contact Claire