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Tis the time of giving …

I know it’s only November but I’ve never been one to be late and I am proudly one of life’s planners and organisers both in business and at home.
So with this in mind and with the season of goodwill just around the corner, here are 12 adventageous (see what I did there!) ways you can give to or show support to a fellow small business owner:

1. Like and share their social media posts, if it feels relevant and authentic to do so
2. Comment on their posts and even tag a colleague or friend in if you know someone who could benefit from the post’s content
3. Give their database a boost and sign up to their newsletter
4. Ask if you can help them in anyway eg make a referral, make an introduction, suggest a solution and so on
5. Sing their praises at a networking event if you have used them or benefited from them/their advice
6. Give them a review/testimonial or kudos on social media
7. Invite them to give you a a guest blog for your website or newsletter
8. Suggest a new idea or improvement to them (if kind and genuine) or give positive feedback on something good you have seen
9. If you buy from a small business, please pay on time
10. Tell a friend or colleague about them and what they do
11. Make a referral to them
12. Buy a product or service from them, if they are selling something useful for your business or home

And remember to shop and buy local, for business or home gifts