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This is a reminder to be in flow …

Being in flow

I had a “light bulb” moment this week. Well, I say a “light bulb” moment, but it wasn’t really as I knew this already, so maybe it was more of a “oh yeah” and a reminder moment. I was having a when is lockdown going to end moment like many of us have had I’m sure, and was feeling a bit meh. Then I went on a call (on the old fashioned mobile rather than an online call) I have booked in and also received an email from two potential clients/contacts of mine. Both wanted my advice and both wanted some ideas and suggestions on routes to take marketing wise and asking marketing related questions.

After a little while having dealt with both the call and email I thought to myself, I feel better about things. I wonder why? At this was my reminder moment. What I had been doing on the phone and in responding to the email had perked me up. The work I had been doing, which doesn’t feel like work, had made me feel in flow. I was doing what I am good at and what I like doing and I was being in flow.

So, what is this so called work? For me, it is all about helping on a marketing level. I love and enjoy, and think I am good at, thinking, being creative, giving options, making recommendations and suggestions, finding solutions, brainstorming, and planning.

The kind of questions I love from clients or at networking events or on 1 to 1’s or from prospects are ones that start with should I do this or that? Or what is best for my business, x, or y? Or do you have ideas on doing xx? Or this is the situation I am in and here is where I want to be, how do I get there?

If you have these questions, ask away! There are many ways of doing things marketing wise and not every route or channel is right for every business and its target audience, and that’s where someone like me comes in to help with options, narrow down the choices and advising you to make informed decisions. With over 20 years marketing experience and with almost 13 years running my own business, then I have learned a thing or two. And if for some reason I don’t have the answer, then I will certainly know something within my network who does!

When are you most in flow? What do you love doing most in or for your business?

And is doing what this is, why you set up your business and going down the self-employed route?

Right now, and being in flow or feeling on top form is not easy, it is easy not to feel in flow or on top form, but why not use the time to assess what you can and can’t do and what you do and don’t want to do. Doing what you are good at and what you want to do, therefore being in flow, will make you happy and you will then deliver a great end product or service.

Stay safe and well and enjoy the flow time …