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The top 5 things you should have in your marketing strategy for 2024!

marketing strategy and plan

What is a marketing strategy and plan?

This living document consists of:


• Objective setting

• Defining the messaging

• Defining the strategy

• Defining the target audience


• Developing the tactics

• Implementing and evaluating

Why do you need a plan and a strategy?

The strategy piece defines the foundations and gets the basics right eg your audience and messaging, which will then help you determine which channels to use.

Once you know this, you also need to take action eg plan it, implement it and measure it. Both parts have their place and both parts are needed for a proper strategic and planning approach.

Why is marketing planning important to a business? 

Drive business and revenue growth and achieve your marketing objectives with a marketing strategy, tactical plan and marketing roadmap. Plus build your brand and credibility too.

In Pinpoint Marketing’s opinion, growth is all down to planning. As a business owner you need to know your strategy. Then you can start to write and create your marketing plan. Marketing shouldn’t be seen as a tick box exercise and it is important to know your business why and to know the purpose of your marketing. Pinpoint feels the majority of your successes will be down to careful planning, therefore giving your business time and attention via such a plan is the way forward.

Why have a strategy and plan?

• Without a plan it WILL be harder, longer, more expensive and stressful to grow your business!

• Without a plan YOU run the risk of overspending, wasting time and making poor decisions

• Getting a strategy and plan IS easier than you think

Benefits of a marketing strategy and plan?

• Get excited by and invest in your marketing

• Get the desired outcomes and ROI

• Get some help and support

• Stop going from one idea to another – be consistent!

• Start being professional with your marketing

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Pinpoint Marketing’s top 5 things you should have in your marketing strategy for 2024 …

  1. Clear understanding of your niche
  2. Clear goals
  3. Know your lead sources and then define which channels to use
  4. Measure, follow up and be accountable
  5. Sales process

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