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The power of words and can they really make you buy more than you intended …

Marketing books

If you are thinking of reviewing your marketing strategy or plan, here is an example of how good content, planned and put in front of the right audience, really CAN make a difference and WILL make customers buy more from you and at a fair price!

Read these 3 salesy based sentences and see what you think? They are essentially saying the same message and hoping for the same call to action to be taken up, but the way they are phrased and embellished more each time really DOES make a difference …

1. Get a marketing plan to grow your business!

2. Buy a bespoke, personalised marketing plan from Pinpoint Marketing for your business to grow sales and make you better organised, focussed and in control!

3. Invest in your business by purchasing a bespoke marketing plan from Pinpoint Marketing, a business award nominated expert, and watch your business grow. This personalised plan includes a 30 day snapshot summary for easy monitoring and accountability, meaning you stay on track and get guaranteed results and growth!

Which option would you buy?

Which would pay more for and why?

Most would chose option 3 as it is selling the benefits as well as the features. It answers the reader’s questions of “What is in it for me?”

The reader knows what they will get, why they must have it and they are being sold the dream of being in control and successful.

Worth thinking about … #thepowerofwords