Nicole has helped us ‘move with the times’

“Since employing Nicole’s services for our Marketing and Social Media needs, we have been delighted and amazed at the response we have had to the many posts that she has put on Social Media on our behalf. The ideas that she has used to encourage more sales and interests are very innovative. By using the before and after photos of customers’ flooring, congratulating our fitters for working with us from 1 year to 13 years! Also promoting any new contracts that we secure and notifying the customer base that our employees are continuing to learn by taking courses on Health & Safety Issues.  With many of our contacts looking forward to the ‘Friday Funny’! By regularly posting information, advice, ideas or photos regarding our Shop or work has kept our name present within the social media community. We now have an up to date platform for our customers to post their comments, which helps to highlight our company in the area and improve customer base. In order for us to ‘move with the times’ the service that Nicole has provided is essential, and the constant work that she puts into our Marketing and Social Media page has been evident from comments made by family, friends, customers etc of items they have ‘liked’ and shared.”