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Marketing strategy

Bucks based business celebrates its milestone sweet 16th!

This month, Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd celebrates 16 years of trading. According to figures from, the average age of a company on the total register at the end of March 2022 was 8.6 years, so to reach 16 years is an anniversary that founder and MD Nicole Martin is agreeably proud to celebrate.… Read more

ideal client

How and why you need to know to your ideal client

“If you don’t take care your customer, your competitor will.” Bob Hooey

This is a quote I agree with, but it goes further than that. Yes, you need to take care of your customer, but before this, you need to actually know who your customer is and with millions of people and businesses out there, which… Read more

22 reasons to create and implement a Marketing Plan for your business.

The last few months have been unpredictable and challenging to say the least. Business owners have been tired but resilient and pushed yet thrived. So with less than 70 days until 2022, here are 22 reasons to create and implement a Marketing Plan for your business. 

(If you need to know firstly what… Read more

Is your business summer ready?

We may not be jetting off overseas this July and August but you may be planning a staycation or just a week or two off from work.

So how can you make sure business remains as on track as it can do over the summer period? Some of this will be out of your hands with the current situation we are in, but equally there… Read more

When Iife gives you lemons, make mangos?

No I haven’t pivoted Pinpoint Marketing into a catering business, but I want to tell you a food related/shopping story instead. I was in my local shop (shopping safely and at a distance of course) looking for mango chutney to accompany a dish I was making for us back at home. The shop I am talking about has… Read more

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and go on a journey …

Empathy is a word that is very much relevant in today’s world, both personally and business wise. Therefore, the phrase putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is also very much relevant. As business owners it can be easy to sometimes think and feel and act in a way that only we have considered eg what… Read more