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marketing planning

22 reasons to create and implement a Marketing Plan for your business.

The last few months have been unpredictable and challenging to say the least. Business owners have been tired but resilient and pushed yet thrived. So with less than 70 days until 2022, here are 22 reasons to create and implement a Marketing Plan for your business. 

(If you need to know firstly what… Read more

Let’s not roll over but let’s roll on ….

It all feels a bit like things are going down the toilet personally and business wise and it is all a bit cr#p! I am not here to make light of things, but maybe to inject a bit of humour, but here to also help and support you where I can. Us small business owners are up against it somewhat from all angles but I want… Read more

Being prepared in business. Nicole shares her top tips …

Are you organised and accountable when it comes to marketing and running your business?

Top marketing tips from Pinpoint Marketing.

What are the benefits of being prepared?

  1. Routine
  2. The way we think
  3. Flexibility
  4. Resilience

Here is what I do? Weekly – One other thing I do at the beginning of the week… Read more

Uncertainty to Certainty …

2019 looks like it it coming to a close in a few week’s time with an air of uncertainty surrounding it. In fact, a lot of this year has been uncertain for a lot of the time.

So with all this uncertainty, businesses and business owners may naturally be feeling concerned about what to do with their businesses… Read more