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marketing plan

marketing strategy and plan

The top 5 things you should have in your marketing strategy for 2024!

What is a marketing strategy and plan?

This living document consists of:


• Objective setting

• Defining the messaging

• Defining the strategy

• Defining the target audience


• Developing the tactics

• Implementing and evaluating

Why do you need a plan and a strategy?

The strategy piece… Read more

Marketing solutions and packages

The who, what, where, when and how of marketing planning

Most of us have heard of the phrase from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “A goal without a plan is just a wish” and it is a sentence and concept that I totally agree with. And it is one that I advocate for my own business and when it comes to my clients as well. So let’s talk about marketing strategy and planning.… Read more

8 reasons to update and rewrite your marketing plan!

Assuming you have a marketing plan (and if you don’t we can talk about that too! 😬), when was it written or last worked on? Pre pandemic or post pandemic? …

A marketing plan post Pandemic

The world has changed a lot post pandemic including how we shop and buy our services and goods and where we shop too. A spotlight… Read more

Marketing plan

Why is having a marketing plan so important to your business?

Who is planning a holiday for this year or next? Or even a night out with friends?

Who is planning a new exercise regime or a new way of eating?

Or maybe you are planning to make some changes to your business whether that be staffing or launching new services or revamping your website or brand?

Whatever you… Read more

22 reasons to create and implement a Marketing Plan for your business.

The last few months have been unpredictable and challenging to say the least. Business owners have been tired but resilient and pushed yet thrived. So with less than 70 days until 2022, here are 22 reasons to create and implement a Marketing Plan for your business. 

(If you need to know firstly what… Read more

Is your business summer ready?

We may not be jetting off overseas this July and August but you may be planning a staycation or just a week or two off from work.

So how can you make sure business remains as on track as it can do over the summer period? Some of this will be out of your hands with the current situation we are in, but equally there… Read more