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ideal client

How and why you need to know to your ideal client

“If you don’t take care your customer, your competitor will.” Bob Hooey

This is a quote I agree with, but it goes further than that. Yes, you need to take care of your customer, but before this, you need to actually know who your customer is and with millions of people and businesses out there, which… Read more

When Iife gives you lemons, make mangos?

No I haven’t pivoted Pinpoint Marketing into a catering business, but I want to tell you a food related/shopping story instead. I was in my local shop (shopping safely and at a distance of course) looking for mango chutney to accompany a dish I was making for us back at home. The shop I am talking about has… Read more

Outsourcing your marketing – do you?

I ran a poll for market research purposes amongst 4 networking groups and business groups that I am a member of recently. I asked the question “Do you outsource any aspect of your businesses marketing?” To say I am surprised by the results is somewhat of an understatement. Some of the results were not what… Read more