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Strategies and Plans – they aren’t the same AND you do need both to market your business successfully

Every business has to start somewhere … And somewhere is better than nowhere.

Is a marketing strategy and a marketing plan different or the same?

Can you have one without the other?

They are different and you cannot have one without the other IF you want maximum impact and results.

In summary the strategy is the why and the plan is the what and when, and they overlap and work together.

You would revise before taking a test wouldn’t you?

You would shop for ingredients before cooking?

You would lay foundations on a new build before buying sofas
and soft furnishings?

And your marketing is no different.

How do strategies and plans work together?

As well as detailing the foundations of your business, your crafted strategy will act as
a flexible and work in progress piece that will underpin all your mini or sub strategies
as in your networking strategy, PR and your comms.

The strategy should change and adapt as you and your business does. 

Having a strategy is like having foundations to build upon. And we all now the story

of the man who built his house upon the sand ….

The benefits of a marketing plan

There are MANY, including:

  • Saving time in the long run by being organised
  • Saving money by doing what you know works
  • Feeling organised and in control
  • Avoiding overwhelm
  • Taking regular action
  • Ensure your team and suppliers are on the same page
  • Seeing well deserved results and getting an ROI
  • Achieving your goals
  • Making informed decisions based on facts not guesswork
  • Being more professional in your approach
  • What’s not to love …

Why you need a marketing strategy and a plan?

Your strategy determines the basics before jumping onto the planning phase.

How many times have you wanted to press fast forward in your business? Or go for

the shiny stuff eg launching your website or social media or printed brochure.

I understand the excitement and passion to have this stuff, but you cannot have the
shiny stuff without doing the groundwork first and laying out your foundations. So next time you want to get the shiny stuff, take a pause, make your list

Once you know your audience and what you want to say = You can determine your channels = Then you can plan out the who, what, when, where and how

Pinpoint has created a checklist guide on what to include in a marketing plan for your service based business, step by step and how to get consistency

Need a marketing strategy and plan?

Market your business to success with a personalised Marketing Strategy and Plan!

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish!” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry