Marketing Downloads

Marketing downloads and free marketing advice for small businesses

Free Marketing downloads and advice

Pinpoint Marketing has written a number of marketing downloads and free articles all relating to important, yet all too common issues faced by small businesses.

The advice given in these downloads is generic yet applicable to small businesses. If you would like bespoke advice, then please get in touch. Don’t also forget to ready our latest news and newsletter.

This page will provide you with well thought out marketing advice and marketing downloads to help your small businesses grow and bring in more sales

Being prepared in business tips

What is Marketing? What does marketing mean to you?

Local advertising via local radio station, Wycombe Sound. Wycombe Sound Advertising Packages 2020

#SBS Thank you initiative press release

How to make the most of Linkedin (recently updated!)

What Media is right for you? (recently updated!)

SMART goal setting

Marketing Handbook

Marketing and the Law

Advertising Strategy

Surviving the Credit Crunch

Networking – the protocol!

Common problems faced in Event Management

The Marketing wheel of fortune

How Marketing moves prospects to buying

The Marketing Communications Mix

Read our article on Outsourcing your marketing

How to measure your marketing – sample sheet to download

How to do a SWOT analysis – sample

How to work out your avatar/Target Audience – sample questions