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Probe pinpoint – your marketing questions answered …

Marketing questions

At a recent networking event as a business development/strategy exercise the group each asked us questions about what we do and so on.

Here are my marketing questions.

Q. What do I love most about what I do?

I love helping small business owners by supporting them and taking away any overwhelm caused my marketing. Giving advice and solutions and making introductions is what it is all about for me. Find out more

Q. If I were to do just ONE thing for my marketing what would you recommend?/If you could get all business owners to do ONE thing to improve their marketing, what would it be?

This is a tough one as it would depend on what your business does, what you are trying to achieve and what timelines and budget you have. That said, my one recommendation would be to start at the beginning with a strategy to layout your foundations and to answer all the marketing questions and then create a plan to put these foundations and answers into action.

Q. Does Pinpoint Marketing specialise in specific areas of marketing?

Yes, I specialise in marketing strategies and plans for service based businesses. Foundations and implementations including strategies, plans, accountability and signposting. It’s what I do!

Q. What is your least favourite part of your work?

When I have to say goodbye to a client. But usually this is because my support and ongoing help as resulted in me making myself redundant as it were because they have grown or recruited for marketing in their internal team.

Q. How do you deal with people who say “I don’t need marketing”

Usually businesses who are really busy and successful already say this. Or sometimes businesses who haven’t had much success to date with marketing also say this. To respond to this objection, I would say if you don’t do any marketing you won’t have any customers, and if you don’t have any customers you don’t have a business. I offer a free advice service to help open people’s eyes to what is and what it can do.

Q. What’s the biggest marketing mistake you see people make?

Fast forwarding to the shiny stuff. And lacking consistency. Then not measuring or following through and then being impatient. Read the blog on this in full