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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to personally identifiable information collected by Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd (Nicole Martin and associates) through this web site. Although this site provides links to third-party websites, these websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We assume no responsibility for the privacy or security of information you provide to any third-party through links on this website. “Third-Parties” mean any person or entity other than Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd. By using this site, you agree that you have reviewed and understood our Privacy Policy.

Any information (name, email, company name and so on) and personal data we collect from this site and from email communications with you will be used only for the purposes of keeping in touch and marketing to you further with relevant updates, promotions, newsletters, introductions and networking and so on.

Your data may also be used for internal market research purposes. Data will be used in a reasonably expected way. This data is also being used under the basis of consent, marketing and legitimate interest.

We will not sell your data to third parties. Note we may store personal data outside of the UK (for example MailChimp servers which we use are based in the US). 

All information and data collected will remain confidential and will be handled honourably and carefully by Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd to ensure that your privacy is protected. Should we wish to use your data in any other way not mentioned in this policy, we will only do so by seeking and receiving your prior permission.  Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd will only keep your data for as long as necessary, as part of our retention policy.

Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd’s retention policy states that we will keep your data (passwords, log-ins etc) if it is no longer necessary.  Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd recommends that you change all passwords after working with any supplier. Some financial records may be kept for longer based on accounting rules. We may rely on legitimate interests to enhance any services.

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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, that are stored on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser. They are widely used to ‘remember’ you and your preferences, either for a single visit (through a ’session cookie’) or for multiple repeat visits (using a ‘persistent cookie’).

What cookies do we use on this site?

On this site we only use performance cookies. These are used to collect information on how users interact with websites specifically Google analytics, including what pages are visited most, as well as other analytical data. These details are anonymous and only used to improve how a website functions. We do not collect any personal information on this site.