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Seasons Greetings from Pinpoint Marketing

2023, in my words …

How was your business year?

How was 2023 for you and the business? (albeit I appreciate it hasn’t ended yet!)

What has worked for your business?

What worked in the business marketing, sales, staff, admin, finance or other wise and what of all of this would you like to carry over into 2024 and beyond?

Perhaps… Read more

10 key questions to ask yourself as an accountant

Why are UK businesses losing up to £150,000 a year in payroll errors? According to a survey, 91% of businesses admitted to making payroll errors every month. This is especially serious for companies with 500 or more employees, where the cost of getting it wrong could amount to the huge figure above.

(… Read more

law based marketing

10 key questions to ask yourself as a legal practice

SMEs lose out by not taking care of their legal problems. A YouGov survey was conducted to establish the cost to SMEs of not taking care of their legal business and the risks they take as a result. They interviewed 1,000 SMEs in the UK and the results were then analysed by the Centre of Economics and Business… Read more

IT marketing

10 key questions to ask yourself as an IT business owner?

We can safely say your IT business is in a growing market with ever increasing tech and security needs from clients, and we know that outsourcing IT is a key area too, so this download is aimed at helping you relieve some of the hassle and issues you may be incurring around servicing clients, finding new … Read more

lead generation

The who of generating leads

What can we influence and what can we control? As business owners and me/you as a marketer? Or in another way, who is generating leads for your business? And can you control this
When working with clients like you, I can work with you on your marketing campaigns for example to influence your end users/customers… Read more

WOM marketing

A case in point – using WOM for marketing

According to bestselling author Seth Godin, the secret to marketing is no secret at all: “word of mouth is all that matters.” Godin defines marketing as “the art of making something that people want to talk about.”

WOM for marketing. This article is for small business owners looking to perfect their … Read more

case study

The ins, outs and upside downs of case studies for your marketing – pt2

5 facets of a fantastic case study

  1. A true business case study doesn’t just tell your own part of the story. It tells both sides – with much more weight given to the customer’s experience and value gained than to your service or product.   
  2. Companies that trust their customers to share real experiences
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