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Value adding

Measuring your marketing – for consistency and to add value

This recent blog from Pinpoint Marketing will look at what to measure, why, what it will show and the benefits. And also about consistency and adding value.

Consistency in your marketing

Being consistent will help you and the business avoid a famine or feast style approach to your marketing activity… Read more

Bucks based business celebrates its milestone sweet 16th!

This month, Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd celebrates 16 years of trading. According to figures from, the average age of a company on the total register at the end of March 2022 was 8.6 years, so to reach 16 years is an anniversary that founder and MD Nicole Martin is agreeably proud to celebrate.… Read more

Outsourcing your marketing

In or Out? – the highs and lows of outsourcing your marketing …

Peter Drucker – “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Last year we ran two polls about the biggest challenges you have business wise, and the core goals you have. The biggest challenge for 58% of you is needing more leads. Followed by knowing who to target then needing to improve sales then upselling… Read more


Consistency is king … and clarity is queen

I must say the word consistency a hundred times a week when talking to clients and colleagues and when networking.

What does marketing consistency look like?

Why strive for consistency?

What are the benefits of being consistent in your business? …

The benefits of consistency in your business

Being … Read more


March and Marketing

No, I am not being narcissistic, but I am celebrating all things that are good (including me!) as we arrive in March.

Are you marching into the month with purposes and drive and with a spring in your step? Or are you dragging yourself over the line with a winter/February hangover?

I likeRead more

my day at sbs

Last week I attended the 11th SBS conference with my fellow winners, and with my son with me as my guest. It was a day long conference in Birmingham with Theo Paphitis himself presenting, as well as other main stage speakers including Google, NatWest and Stacey Solomon… Read more