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Outsourcing your marketing – do you?

I ran a poll for market research purposes amongst 4 networking groups and business groups that I am a member of recently. I asked the question “Do you outsource any aspect of your businesses marketing?” To say I am surprised by the results is somewhat of an understatement. Some of the results were not what I was expecting.

The voters are predominately small business owners. They are all UK based and are a mixture of men and women, although I would say more women voted.

On the plus side, no one voted that they didn’t know outsourcing was an option so I and my fellow marketers are doing a good job of promoting what we can offer to small businesses if they wish marketing support.  As you can see, the biggest vote was for never! This response was 50/50 between men and women SME owners who had voted. Why is this? Some of the comments were lack of budget or because they wanted to have a go themselves. Whilst this is an admirable choice, is it really the best choice for you and your business? Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Each to their own. However, sadly a few voters had their fingers burnt by companies or agencies that had let them down. Sad to hear as customer service, honest and authenticity is very important to Pinpoint Marketing. I would be very interested in helping dispel this perception. If you are looking for free advice then sign up for my newsletter or join my Facebook group. Quite often though when prospects or leads tell me marketing hasn’t worked for them, it can be a case of something within the campaign wasn’t right or thought about thoroughly eg the strategy/target audience not defined or the messaging isn’t pitched right. But sometimes it is because the campaign or activity hasn’t been followed up on, then reviewed and then repeated. A good marketing strategy is all about consistency, reviewing and repeating.

The lack of budget clearly is a factor for many small businesses. Clearly finances and cash flow are a must to get right so we can’t go spending blindly. But, the key thing to say here is that any time and money you spend outsourcing your marketing is time you will get back to do what you want and what only you can do. Why spend time struggling with your copy or planning if that means you are taking yourself away from working with and for your customers? Also the investment of money you spend on outsourcing your marketing will pay for itself, if done correctly, over time as you should be getting in more leads and more sales.

Interestingly, of the groups who responded as always, these were solely women business owners. Why is this? Are women more likely to admit they cannot or don’t want to do something or is this a coincidence?

Of the voters who said sometimes if I cannot do it, the main voters were women again, but not by as a bigger margin as the always voters. Many of us like to learn and gain new skills, so we offering a multi layer service from consultancy and ideas, to hand holding and support to we can do it all for you. Your budget, your choice.

So what can we conclude? I want, naturally, for more small business owners to get help with their marketing. Let marketers like me do what we do best and help you. And then you can do what you want/where your passion is and use your skills and time to the best effect.

How can this happen? So if you are in the I would if I could afford it or the not now but I plan to camps, here are some options:

  • If you would like some free marketing advice, click on the green pinned Free Marketing Advice image on the homepage.  free marketing advice
  • If you would like funding advice or a business loan, have a chat with two networking connections of mine, Helen Steel of Streamlion Consulting and Sharon Cook of Choice Business Loans.
  • Get a marketing or business mentor and become accountable with your marketing.

Pinpoint Marketing – we make marketing simple!


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