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Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

What is a CMO? What is a fractional CMO?

Chief marketing officer – what does a CMO do?

Google search results say the chief markeing officer role sits at the board level but is not bound by the company eg has more flexibility, add more value etc. A CMO can step back and take stock and make decisions, take action including covering marketing and sales. They offer regular support but not daily in general, unless necessary.

A CMO is not the I have to do this role, but a CMO does delegate/collaborate. They come up with the strategy and then the “team” (in whatever form this team comes in) implement it.

CMO for SME’s. A chief marketing officer is not an expert in everything. They do enable and empower the team to be productive and working together for a collective outcome that benefits all. Like this case study from Swindon Silicon Systems.

Have you heard of or use these terms:
CMO, fractional marketing, fractional CMO?
I ran a poll and 45% said Yes and 55% said No

Don’t have the budget to hire full time marketing?

Or perhaps a manager and exec? Or you don’t have the office/desk space? We have done this for others. Not a problem, introduce a fractional CMO. CMO for small businesses. A remote team is the way it is now, so why not embrace this approach/way of working for your marketing.We bridge the gap between some marketing to requiring a marketing department.

Other benefits include strengthening your current team, less overheads and head count, no salary to pay, flexibiity in the solution, affordable without compromise, access to a network, quality/expertise, development and decision making.

What is the marketing problem that Pinpoint is solving?

By appointing us a chief marketing officer, we will be helping YOU maximise your budget and resources to achieve the sales you want, bring in the leads you need and all with consistent marketing. We have the social proof. Like this case study from Ryemead.

Marketing should be done by an expert/s and not DIY. It isn’t as expensive as you may think and it’s a cost to grow against sales made. And a fractional or part time marketer can have an impact despite not being full time. We write the strategy and plan for you and oversee its execution, but we aren’t necessarily the do-ers. We bring in the experts to do the doing.

How can a chief marketing office help your business via outsourced marketing?

  • Help you create marketing plans from scratch or make the most of the marketing strategy and plan you have in place already
  • Manage your suppliers for you and get the most value out of them for you
  • Grow your business, including market analysis and research
  • Make referrals to my clients for you
  • Help you prioritise, give direction, do the right thing marketing wise
  • Give marketing consistency to you and the business
  • Support your lead gen and sales activity eg more leads, routes to market
  • Guidance, measure and hold you accountable (KPI’s), including internal marketing
  • Upsell and cross sell more
  • Support with your internal marketing and comms team
  • Ideas and implementation, including digitial marketing management
  • Help you and the business and help your clients/customers/end users
  • Bridge the gap between the marketing you have/do now to employing a full time team
  • Brand management
  • Marketing budget management

What next?

Hiring a remote CMO alongside an in-house team is the optimal solution for many business owners. CMO’s are the way forward to deliver digital marketing. I don’t need to know the detail and be up to speed with all the detail, as we outsource this to experts who do just this/just the piece of marketing in question.

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