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Account management services for sole marketers and small marketing agencies

Account Manager for marketers

(marketing resource, outsourced marketing manager, freelance marketing director, interim marketing)

What I would do for YOU as the marketer/lead

  • Help you day to day with extra support, project management, proof reading, management, attending events, getting quotes, writing briefs, managing external suppliers, being on Zooms/minute taking/follow up meeting notes and more
  • Helping to manage the client day to day and make sure they are happy, up to speed and catered for
  • Allow you to focus on winning the business whilst I focus on the wider marketing, offering and delivery
  • Being a conduit when needed between the client and the marketer, where needed
  • Keep up communication between all parties, coming up with ideas, solving any issues, keeping everyone up to speed
  • Generally there to get sh*t done (the delivery!), to progress the client and the project/workload
  • Practical and hands help. We are more than just a project manager!

With the marketing agency model changing, and with the rise of the use of fractional resources, now is a great time for us to chat!
Call 07523569288, email or connect on LinkedIn

Benefits to YOU as the marketer/lead – fractional, flexible and functional

  • As many or as few hours support as and when you need
  • Be there for you when you have too much on – planning out and getting it done/execution
  • You will “own” the client and the marketing strategy/plan and I will be there to support, in the background, and be client facing if you need
  • You know you need help, and this is an affordable and trusted service/resource
  • You use this service when you need, and as and when
  • A more flexible solution than recruiting, or an interim solution at least
  • You get support when they need in busy times and as and when, as opposed to having some onboard full time. No NI, holiday pay etc. They pay the AM monthly via invoice based on a kept time sheet
  • Variable and affordable solution
  • Freelance based for when a full time head is not needed
  • I can help you market yourselves if you need eg pitch support, more man power, larger team perception

Concerns you may have

  • I am here for the long haul as opposed to getting bedded in with you and your ways then leaving to get a job or changing roles/direction
  • I will not be in competition with you. Your client is your client and I am not here to take them away. Happy to sign NDA’s
  • You own the client and the overall marketing, I am here to support not take over
  • No minimum days per month or long sign up periods. Happy to work on a rolling contract

Why me for YOU?

  • I can scale up with you if and when you need
  • We can juggle and multitask
  • If you want something doing, then ask a busy person …
  • Well rounded marketer
  • 25 years plus experience
  • 20 years of pure marketing strategy and planning alone
  • FCIM qualified, Charted marketer status, more marketing experience, more marketing knowledge, more in a position to make referrals etc.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER until Sept 2024 when prices will rise

Costs/fees for our Account Manager services

  • £37.50 rolled up to £300 per day
  • Senior experience but at junior pricing
  • You state the budget you have as you will know your client’s or project’s parameters, then we work out how best to use this budget and what solution, and noting the number of hours, how and when to use this time
“Nicole is always a great person to have in your project team - she is very organised and delivers on time every time. She is a true strategist and sees the big picture and dovetails her marketing to compliment any business strategy. Nicole is also a "super" connector with her networks and contacts and I look forward to working again with her soon.”
Helen Steel, Streamlion Consulting
“When you run a small agency, you're involved with everything. That can often make it very hard to keep every client plate spinning at a steady rate – and sometimes you need someone to steady them, or catch the ones that fly off before they smash. With today's virtual team structures a fractional account manager can slot in perfectly – as long as it is someone you can trust. Nicole is the steady pair of hands that many over-busy agency leaders need to ensure that, whatever happens, someone is there for a client."
SR, marketer/business owner
“Nicole is super organised at orchestrating activity - exactly what a good AM has to have, only she also has senior knowledge to see the wider context”
Marketer/business owner
“You also manage the teams timelines incredibly well. Having worked with you for some of our clients plans, I know how well you keep everyone on schedule!"
Alison Crook, Idio Web Services