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New year resolutions vs goals

This time of year drives me slightly crazy! 😜 The number of folk setting new years resolutions that statistically will falter before you’ve even hit the end of January…Bonkers I could wax lyrical, or is that rant about why they’re really not helpful…

Here are four reasons why resolutions don’t work…

1️⃣ Resolutions are often about giving up, smoking, drinking, eating certain foods etc 

2️⃣ Most people set way too many resolutions and aren’t realistic about their time and commitment required to achieve them in the darkest, coldest time of year when motivation is not at its best.

3️⃣ Unrealistic, on many levels and so failure can become a way to berate oneself.

4️⃣ They often clash with your values and beliefs which are deep-rooted and will require more commitment, effort and energy.

Now let’s talk about why goals are so great…

✅ Goals can be set whenever you like. It’s good to have a structure for when you set them, how you monitor them and how you hold yourself accountable. Otherwise, it’s up to you.

✅ Goals can be long term, medium and short term. A big long term goal might need to have supporting ones and activities to support you achieving it in the medium and short term. Give yourself the best opportunity to achieve it.

✅ We want to know where we’re headed, we need a route map in our lives, particularly in or businesses, to help us have a smooth efficient, journey to our destination. Where do I want to be, what do I need to do to get there? Use questions to focus your thinking, self coach.

✅ What do your goals give you? The question is what’s the goal behind the goal? When you’ve achieved the goal, what does it allow you to do, or what does it allow you to be? This is often a state, happy, fulfilled etc…Understanding this could really help your motivation to achieve a goal, especially if it aligns with your values.

✅ What’s likely to stop you achieving your goals? Seriously being realistic and identifying the obstructions, often beliefs, that might divert you off your route allows you to focus on what supporting goals you might need to mitigate and combat them. And get you back on your route quickly. 

For example my lack confidence in selling may stop me from having great sales conversations with potential clients; thinking about how I can develop that confidence could be a good supporting goal.

I’m trusting this is helpful and gives you some food for thought. 

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