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my day at sbs

Last week I attended the 11th SBS conference with my fellow winners, and with my son with me as my guest. It was a day long conference in Birmingham with Theo Paphitis himself presenting, as well as other main stage speakers including Google, NatWest and Stacey Solomon as well as breakout sessions and networking. Jam packed and value adding as always!

I won SBS back in 2018 and it is a great community to be a part of. Here are some of the key takeaways and highlights for me.

Planning in your business

Kypros and Theo talked about the need to constantly ask ourselves questions, challenge ourselves, think about what we are doing and is this right for now and for tomorrow. Theo said “plan, plan, plan, plan, plan.” Music to my ears a passionate believer in planning, the need for it, doing it and the benefits of planning. Planning I agree, is really really important. As is having the vision and the plan to get there.

One of the slides, which I loved, said:

Adapting your business

Creating new lines

Disrupting your sector

AI and Marketing

Google delivered a great session on AI and how it can help with your digital marketing strategy. The take home for me was that AI can’t do the marketing. AI is the enabler, it augments it but does not replace it. They also said plan, but be ready to change your plan. This is another sentiment I totally agree with.

Parent guilt

And onto the fireside chat/Q&A session with Stacey Solomon. This was really interesting and is clearly a well loved and respected mum, woman in business and celebrity. Her take on Mum guilt or parent guilt was really good and it being ok to park something, do what you need to as a Mum or business owner, then return to that thing and pick it back up to do. I have always hoped if my children see me work hard then it will run off in them. I think Stacey was saying the same thing.

NatWest also delivered a great on the sofa Q&A session interviewing 3 leading entrepreneurs on their business journeys, insights and thoughts to motivate us all.

I also did some great networking, attended a breakout on legal tips for SME’s as well as making some good connections. Thank you Theo and thank you to his SBS crew!

Here are some photos of the day.

Here’s to the next event in 2025 … And why not enter yourself! …