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Marketing plans and strategies? Who are these for, why have them, how to get the most from your marketing?

Last week I went to another great online networking meeting, where the members were invited to ask each other questions on what they offer, to whom, how etc business wise. Here is a summary of the questions asked in case they are questions you were thinking of asking or wondering what the answers were?

Marketing plans and strategies.

Where do I start with a Marketing Plan? What does a Marketing strategy include? When can I expect to see results? When is the best time to deploy a plan?

A marketing plan is a document following a template, but the content is bespoke to each and every business. It covers 7 stages:

There are 7 stages to a comprehensive plan and these steps are:
Objective Setting – setting goals and knowing your why
Defining the messaging – the wording used to attract your audience
Pinpointing a strategy – this is the blue sky thinking by us before the doing
Refining the target audience – your prospects, leads and then your customers
Developing the tactics – this is the doing by us and the decision making by us both, based on the strategy
Implementing the plan – this section is split into 3 phases. Phase 1, the foundations. Phase 2, the one off campaign and 90 day marketing activity. And phase 3, a 30 day mini marketing plan
Measuring and evaluation – knowing the results then the ROI

The plan will be written following these stages with input from Pinpoint and you the business owner and will be presented to you. The stages include opinions, ideas and thoughts, plus  analysis, market research, competitor research, keyword research, brand review, website review and social media profile reviews.

The plan will lay out the foundations and the ideas on what marketing to do and when and how/by whom. For example, the plan might suggest regular email marketing along with themes, prices and options, but it won’t include the email being written. This will be extra, but it is a service we offer if you need your marketing doing for you as well as just having the ideas themselves.

A sample plan is available to review before committing. Find out more

A marketing plan can be deployed at any time.

Depending on the goals set, timeframes, budget and resource, a small business owner can usually start to see an impact within 3 months.

A plan can cover the whole business or it can cover just a service or product, eg a course online or a book launch. Whether you are a one man band or a company of 10 employees, the plan will be just as detailed and informative and will cover the same content. Detail isn’t just for the bigger SME’s.

Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy – are these the same thing?

Strategy vs Planning.

What’s the difference? Is the difference between a strategy and a plan about wanting/knowing and doing? Is the strategy what you want to achieve – your goals, your desires for the business eg growth by 10% or sales of £000. And is the plan how you are going to do this – the specifics, the next steps, it’s the detail eg using social media, email marketing, SEO on your website.
Find out more about strategy and planning stragety Plan is that the same?

Who are Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy’s ideal customers?

We are looking for service based small businesses (B2B) in the Bucks and Berks area who are established but looking for some education and options are marketing options for their business. A marketing review perhaps on what is being done presently marketing wise or not or looking at fresh ideas on how to market the business with different channels or alternative methods. The business owner must be willing, passionate, interested and enthusiastic to grow.

Does Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy offer packages?

Yes Pinpoint does from marketing planning to marketing mentoring and coaching, free advice, email marketing and newsletters and much more.

If as a small business you are looking for an entry level package or service, consider the free advice form service. Or, if as a small business you are looking to make the most impact, the accountability and consultancy session would be a quick win. Find out more.  

If you would like some support with marketing your small business or start-up, please just ask.