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Social Media profiles – new or review, management and content!

Social media strategy and content planning, brought to you by Pinpoint Marketing and associates. How many of you use social media in your personal lives but have you considered using it for business purposes too?

As marketing tools go, social media is relatively easy and low cost to set up and with more and more of us using phones and tablets on a regular basis, we think the usage of social media and its impact its reaching further and further.
Pinpoint is able to offer assistance in creating social media profiles, management of those profiles and creating and scheduling content planning. Develop a strategy to raise awareness and get more brand awareness from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram and not forgetting Google my Business as a social media platform to use to raise awareness and prospect for your business and sales funnel.

NEW Packages:

  • We can get you set up on Facebook (business pages), Twitter, Instagram, Google my Business and Linkedin (personal profiles and company pages)
  • Or review your current profiles for suggested improvements


  • Teach you how to make the most of your social media profiles with blogs, profile pictures and good, consistent content
  • Train you how to get the most out of social media and generate leads and also how to use and benefit from looking at the analytics and what to review
  • Show you how to use Hootsuite and why this tool can help you get organised
  • Create and manage your social media content through a carefully crafted content plan
  • Linkedin training, Twitter training, Facebook training and Instagram training
  • Facebook boost and ads training
  • Plus top tips on how to use social media for maximum impact for your business and how to get the most from this online marketing tool

Client Social Media Packages

It is important your marketing keeps pace with the trends in communication preferences and we are finding more and more businesses are successfully promoting themselves and conducting business via social media. It is therefore important for your business, irrespective of size or market, to have a social media presence as using online marketing is simply a must in today’s business world. Social media is an effective means of building relationships and boosting the reputations of individuals within that business as well as the business itself and we have seen the results when it is done well. We are able to offer assistance in creating profiles, management of those profiles and in content planning.

Social media is not going away, so you need to get involved!

The Packages:

At Pinpoint, we offer assistance in creating profiles on your behalf across the full range of platforms. In addition, you have the option of letting us manage those accounts on an ongoing basis.
The level of detail to be included in the online profiles can be determined by you and what you are comfortable in presenting to the public. But it is worth considering that the greater the detail, the greater the likelihood of building trust and making connections. In order to manage multiple social media accounts, we recommend Hootsuite. A reliable tool, enabling posts/messages to be scheduled in advance as well as posted across numerous media. By using a tool like Hootsuite, communications will be regular and form part of a broader marketing plan. There is an additional cost associated with providing a Hootsuite account, and if it is required, user training.

Pricing is dependent on a brief. Call or email for a quote

We also offer offer content planning packages