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Why is marketing planning important to a business? 

In Pinpoint Marketing’s opinion, growth is all down to planning and you as the business owner needs to know your marketing strategy before you can start to write your marketing plan. Within your business there will be some luck and an element of chance, but your successes will be down to careful planning and as a result and as a result using the right marketing tactics.

A question for you! If you haven’t set any goals or objectives for your company’s marketing activities, then how can you decide at the end of the month or the year if you have achieved what you set out to do? As they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

The best way to implement marketing is with the creation of a marketing plan, but what should a plan include?
How do you write one and more importantly how do you implement and measure it?
For the answers, then this marketing package will do all of this for you.

“I met Nicole at a networking group which we both attend on a monthly basis & have recently commissioned her to prepare a marketing plan for my Image Consultancy business.  I chose Pinpoint to prepare my plan because Nicole is always very professional & focused.  I have not been disappointed.  The marketing plan has enabled me to apply more focus to my marketing activities and is set out clearly in a very useable way. “

So, what is a marketing strategy?

There are 7 stages to a comprehensive plan and these steps are
Objective Setting
Defining the messaging
Defining a strategy
Defining the target audience
Developing the tactics
Implementing the plan
Measuring and evaluation

If you would like to see more about what a marketing plan should look like, please download here an example Marketing Plan

To discuss effective marketing strategies and marketing planning for a small business just like yours in more detail, please call on 07523 569288 or email us

Cost: £397

(note this cost is split over 2 invoices to help you out cash flow wise. 1 invoice on confirming the plan and 1 on delivery)

Alternative alert! Would you like to learn the basics of Marketing and learn how to create your own Marketing Plan? Try our online course
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