Marketing Planning

Marketing strategy and planning

Why is marketing planning important to a business? 

Growth is all down to marketing strategy and planning. If you haven’t set  objectives for your company’s marketing activities, how can you decide at the end of the year if you have achieved what you set out to do? The best way to implement successful marketing is the creation of a marketing plan.

“I met Nicole at a networking group which we both attend on a monthly basis & have recently commissioned her to prepare a marketing plan for my Image Consultancy business.  I chose Pinpoint to prepare my plan because Nicole is always very professional & focused.  I have not been disappointed.  The marketing plan has enabled me to apply more focus to my marketing activities and is set out clearly in a very useable way. “

So, what is a marketing plan?

There are 7 stages to a comprehensive plan including
Objective Setting
Defining the messaging
Defining a strategy
Defining the target audience
Developing the tactics
Implementing the plan
Measuring and evaluation

Follow our process.  Download an example Marketing Plan

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