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Content Planning

Develop and create a content plan as part of your ongoing marketing plan and strategy

The two tie in together and creating a content plan as part of a marketing plan will yield better results and successes in your marketing activity.

Plan your content and recycle! Ensure your marketing messaging is consistent across all marketing, collateral and social media. Get a content plan (noting themes rather than specific posts) covering topics like:

  • market and industry news
  • products and services
  • company news
  • awareness days
  • staff news
  • general updates

Content planning ensures you maximise on copy you have written and produced and ticks the box of drip feed marketing. Drip feed marketing is all about repeating your message. Content planning in addition helps you plan out your marketing with the goal to grow your leads and showcase yourself and your business online. Like it or not, social media is not going away and the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways to raise brand awareness for you and your business. Read more about the 7 touches of Marketing! – How a multi channel marketing approach really can work. Article on LinkedIn.

To ensure all services are marketed equally and to enable content to be written and recycled for blogs, website, minutes, social media posts, your monthly plan will contain, for each medium, a template outlining ideas and draft wording.

A content plan will help with your evergreen marketing by following a routine and style of content monthly, which you can then add to on an ad hoc basis.

For additional marketing support with your content plan as in uploading/posting, tracking and reporting, account monitoring etc (which we sometimes use associates to support with), please ask. We also offer content planning as part or your overall marketing plan and strategy.

"This is just ace – exactly what I need. There is loads here that is spot on - and so clear and easy to use. Many thanks"
Jo Dickie

Costs for a content plan

To develop a content plan (based on 2 to 4 per week for all of the above social media profiles)cost is £300 per month. Pinpoint Marketing can provide you with a monthly report of your social profiles and analytics for an additional £75 per month.

 Costs can vary depending on the number of social media posts, design, number of profiles to post too, scheduling or level of detail needed in the report. Get in touch for a quote.

As you can see from the sample, a content plan lists out the days and weeks alongside the various marketing mediums your business uses to promote itself, including social media, blogging and newsletters. This multi channel approach will ensure you maximise on your time, budget and impact.