Content Planning

Content planning and how to write content for SEO marketing by Pinpoint Marketing

Plan your content and recycle!
Ensure your marketing messaging is consistent
across all marketing, collateral and social media.

Get a comprehensive content plan covering:

  • market and industry news
  • products and services
  • company news
  • awareness days
  • staff news
  • general updates

Develop and create a content plan as part of your ongoing marketing plan and strategy. The two tie in together and creating a content plan as part of a marketing plan will yield better results and successes in your marketing activity.

Grow your leads and showcase yourself and your business.

To ensure all services are marketed equally and to enable content to be written and recycled for blog, website, minutes, social media, your monthly plan will contain, for each medium, a template outlining ideas and draft wording.

Download a sample 3 month here

This will vary dependant on the number of posts required, level of content creation, sourcing of imagery, keyword research and so on. Please get in touch for a quote.

Pinpoint Marketing makes YOU content with your content!

For additional marketing support with your content plan as in uploading/posting, tracking and reporting, account monitoring etc, please ask.

“This is just ace – exactly what I need. There is loads here that is spot on – and so clear and easy to use. Many thanks, Jo”