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Brainstorming Hours

1 to1 Marketing Hours

Let Pinpoint Marketing take you on a journey from reviewing your current business situation and assessing where you are, then we work with you to create a plan, enabling you to take action.

Book an hour with Pinpoint Marketing to brainstorm and ask your questions. You can set/ask your own questions if you have specific areas that you need marketing support on or we can follow Pinpoint’s template of questions for a more general marketing audit. 

What next?

Fill out the form below letting us know if you have any specific areas you would like to focus on. Then click on submit. We will send you an invoice via Quickbooks and once paid, you will receive an email confirming the date/time for your brainstorming hour (and the form of questions where applicable). If you have any questions before going ahead, please contact us 

Cost £75 (Athena members £60)

An hour’s Zoom call and a follow up email of recommendations, findings and ideas

“Nicole does just what she says - providing expert help where and when you need it. I found working with Nicole really helpful. We had an initial call in which she learnt about my business and what I wanted to achieve. Then followed a great overview of suggestions. I decided to opt for an hour long brainstorming session during which ideas and suggestions flowed, barriers were broken down or alternatives suggested. It was just what I needed. She follows up with an email summary which is very helpful. It was great to work with Nicole and I know she is there when I need more help or guidance.”
Kate King