Accountability & Consultancy

Marketing consultancy and marketing packages by Pinpoint Marketing

Do you easily lose focus?

Do you need help staying on track?

Be accountable with Pinpoint’s consultancy package:

Pinpoint can work with you to collate activity, measure success and recommend marketing strategies. You will receive the results in a simple report and we will check in with you to answer any questions or issues which have arisen and see how you/the business are doing.

This monthly catch up could be done via a Skype call or a face to face meeting depending on what’s happened that month and location.

Get undivided attention to discuss any marketing activities, including advertising or exhibition options, review of ideas, proof reading and measuring ROI. We are also a second pair of ears and eyes.

Plus, we will make clear the plans for the upcoming month.

£150 for Skype and the report or £200 for face to face meeting and the report