7 proven “how to” steps to build and grow your business

Marketing training course!
Does this sound like you?

Do you struggle getting started with your marketing? Or do you find it scary? So instead you do nothing or do something but not very well?

Do you feel you are in a pickle with your marketing and its a bit all over the place?

Do you see the value of marketing but don’t know to use it properly?

Are you looking for new clients but not sure where to find them?

Do you long for clarity and control in your marketing, making it less stressful?

What does the course cover?

7 mini courses in 1 programme – a blend of emails, downloads and videos. This online learning programme provides tips, steps, coaching, mentoring and more including:

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Why buy?

  • Learn through listening, reading and practising = saving time/money by building foundations
  • Grow your business = getting it right first time, saving resource, budget and time
  • Learn from your own home or office at a time to suit you = saving travel costs and time
  • Low risk way to learn  = growing profit which can be utilised to obtain further support

What you will get

You will receive 7 mini courses (video, emailed content and working documents to do yourself) spread over 18 weeks including follow up and access to me. (If you would like the courses delivered over a shorter time/more quickly, please ask. An extra admin cost will be incurred).

At the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the information you need to make a Marketing plan!  A template plan will also be made available for you to use.

How long will it take you

Allow as much or as little time per week, as it suits you and your diary. Around 2 hours per week would be plenty of time.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for business owners and SME’s based in any industry or marketing within the UK.

When can I start?

Anytime! There is no set date or deadlines, or waiting for other courses to be booked up. Whenever it suits you.

Cost ONLY £97 for ALL of this!

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Not ready yet?

Why not buy the course and add on a bolt on of a one hour Skype/Call consultation to answer your questions, help you get organised and brainstorm your marketing ideas and needs before starting the course!

Consultation and course – £150

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