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Small business marketing advice and support from Pinpoint Marketing

Marketing Packages for small businesses.

Pinpoint Marketing believes in adding value and in keeping marketing simple.

We have found many clients, like you, have similar issues in common when it comes to marketing your small business. Therefore, Pinpoint Marketing has designed and created a series of packages and marketing training. Offering everything you need to simply and successfully market your business, both on and offline, and all through utilising us as your outsourced marketing team. The benenfit of outsourcing is that you use the supplier as and when you need them and only for the skills and times that you need. 

A lot of money is wasted annually by small businesses who are not doing marketing properly. This is not because the business is making poor or the wrong decisions, but it is mainly due to the fact such companies do not understand the basics and foundations before embarking on fancy campaigns. Without the foundations, it is very hard to build upon them for the long term. Using an expert in their field can give you such guidance and support leaving you to do what only you can do and what you want to do.

Get the marketing basics right with our packages!

The Small Business Marketing Packages!

In addition, Pinpoint Marketing also offers bespoke marketing consultancy and tailor made marketing solutions for you and your small business. If you cannot see what you are looking for on this page or website, please contact us for a personalised discussion and free consultation. This a free and no obligation consultation.

Local advertising, including local radio, is also an option to consider. Read more on this from Wycombe Sound radio. Wycombe Sound Advertising Packages 2020

Pinpoint Marketing can also support clients with a recommendation for a CRM with added business intelligence via Aptania. Aptania brings together multiple datasets to develop a holistic view of subscribers across all touch points and channels. Ask for details. Or alternatively, we can make a recommendation for Capsule CRM.

Pinpoint Marketing or Nicole Martin is also available for speaking and presenting engagements about marketing for small businesses. Please contact us with your opportunity or event.