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Many of us will be using Valentines Day to improve our relationships.

I see the marketing services I offer very much like engagement and marriage. Once I have find a client or a client finds me through engaging content and putting myself out there, we then move the relationship on.

So why should you engage a marketing expert like me to support you and your business?

  • We are cheaper than a platinum rock
  • We don’t leave mess lying around
  • We don’t hog the remote control

But we do ask you for

  • Your time and involvement
  • Your input and action
  • Answer our calls and emails
  • Commit yourselves to our relationship for the time it lasts

My call to action is to ask you to engage with Pinpoint the website. Go online, look around and see everything that we have to offer. If you see something you like, ask us for a date and we chat all things marketing.

Please also share the love and connect with us on social media.

Thank you.


Nicole Martin of Pinpoint Marketing