Little Miss Sunshine….is a miserable B*t*h! … Guest blog from Vanessa Louise Birt

Little Miss Sunshine….is a miserable B*t*h!

Healing for your whole self is knowing & accepting you are everything and nothing all at the same time.

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked myself on more than one occasion. “I’ve worked so hard over the years to be happy and I’m even called ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ because people say I am always so happy. I can’t possibly be seen as miserable”

The shame I felt from my constant inner battle of fighting the feelings of happy and miserable, joyful and sad, calm and angry.

I can’t show the outside world that they are wrong about me. That actually I am a fraud and that I am NOT happy all the time. I would show up and pretend to be happy even when I felt like being a miserable b*t*h.

I used to believe to be a perfect human being I had to be happy all the time. How flipping exhausting. How tiring to act out happy, joyful and calm all the time. It’s simply not possible and leads to pain and suffering. I would criticise myself for not matching up to my high standards of happy, joyful and calm all the time. I would torment myself for getting angry or when I felt sad I would beat myself up and this became a habitual way of being for me. Happy on the outside and miserable on the inside.

I would pretend I was a well-being by presenting myself as immaculate of the outside all in an effort to cover up the discord of my true messed up feelings on the inside. The effort it would take and the time I spent became impossible to keep up with. I found people calling me unique and inspirational and all I felt was ordinary and dull.

I became so tired of keeping up appearances and the daily struggle of hiding my negative emotions, that I remember reaching to the bottom of my ‘Shit Pit’ for the last time and saying to myself ‘It’s ok not to be ok’.

The admission of this created a point of awareness in me. An awareness that for as long as I could remember a voice inside me said ‘peel back the mask Vanessa, reveal your whole self ~ your true beauty’

How can angry, miserable and sad be beautiful! Then these words came to mind….

“The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all of who you are ~ without apology, without excuses, without masks” Debbie Ford ‘The dark side of the light casers’

This created a profound shift within me and a transformation in my life. I accepted that to feel whole and complete was to embrace the miserable b*t*h within me. To embrace and make friends with angry Annie and sad Sally along with happy Harriet, calm Carys and joyful Joyce.

I could clearly see where my erratic journey of playing a part and hiding behind my mask of happy, joyful and calm in an attempt to cover up miserable, angry and sad had led me to numbing out the whole spectrum of feelings. Resulting in exhaustion, ill health, addiction, fractured relationships and generally grumping and complaining about the state of my life and why was it not working out as I wanted!

As human beings we are feeling beings and we are meant to FEEL everything, the good the bad, the up and down, the ecstasy the pain, the joy the shame and everything in between. To feel EVERYTHING is ok. In fact it’s essential and for us to accept all that what we feel is exactly what we’re meant to be feeling, when we feel it.

Our feelings are our guidance system through life.  We are born a perfect bundle of Joy. Joy is our natural state of BEing. We are then programmed and conditioned that this is not the case and that to struggle, to feel pain and to push our way through life is the norm and to suppress any negative emotion because it’s bad to feel negative emotion. When it couldn’t be further from the TRUTH! Negative emotions are not bad, they just make us feel bad and there lies the difference. Learn how to feel who you truly are. Express all that you are in the only way you know how to.

Our truth is Joy ~ the emotion evoked from well-being. And a well-being is one who feels whole and complete. The union of two halves ~ the good and the bad. The light and the dark. The positive and the negative. The love the fear.

Let go of the notion that negative emotions such as anger, frustration and sadness are bad to feel. On the contrary, they are felt to indicate to you that you’re off track a little, you have moved away from your innate joyful state. Make friends with your negative emotion and then reach for a better feeling thought to create a positive emotion such as Joy, enthusiasm or LOVE.

True healing comes from choosing to accept and embrace all the emotions you feel and your guidance to keep you on your harmonious path.

You are LOVE through and through and allowing yourself to BE human and use your negative emotions to complete you as a whole picture, creates a fulfilling life full of all you choose for yourself.

“The purpose of our journey is to restore ourselves to wholeness” Debbie Ford

Guest blog from Vanessa Louise Birt

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Being prepared in business. Nicole shares her top tips …

Are you organised and accountable when it comes to marketing and running your business?

Top marketing tips from Pinpoint Marketing.

What are the benefits of being prepared?

  1. Routine
  2. The way we think
  3. Flexibility
  4. Resilience

Here is what I do? Weekly – One other thing I do at the beginning of the week is message or email clients (using their preferred method of communication) and confirm the dates, times and locations of any meetings that week to try and avoid last minute cancellations on both sides. And Monthly – At the beginning of each month, I schedule in my monthly commitments for Pinpoint’s own blog, social media posting, newsletter etc. Plus I schedule in each of my retainer client’s work to eg reporting at the end of the month and writing their social media posts at the beginning of each month.

How can you be more prepared in business situations?

  1. Diary management – don’t overpack the diary. Tempting I know.
  2. Block time out – if you want to stay on top of things like your social media, marketing or admin etc, dedicate time in your diary on fixed times in the week/month and don’t let anything go in that space. Get into a routine of being prepared
    1. REMEMBER to block time out for yourself too.
  3. Delegate and outsource – being prepared is knowing what is likely to come up in your business situation wise. Outsource. Yes this will cost you but its worth it if it will save you time and stress
  4. Make lists. This can be pen and paper or a CRM or an online app/tool. Whatever works for you
  5. Make a plan. Aside from stopping the overwhelm, a plan helps to break down a large task and into smaller bite size sections. This makes it more manageable and easier to get your head around, step by step
  6. Go prepared to meetings

BUT whilst you are busy creating this new habit and learning to be prepared, try not to overthink it!

We can’t pre empt everything, but we can try.

Read the being prepared in business tips in full


Smartphone filming – ten top video marketing tips

Video marketing

Welcome to this guest blog by Marissa Holden of Holden Pro Media.

You want to be visible in 2020? Then you need video as part of your marketing mix.

And as it’s January, how about finally accepting now’s the time to conquer those fears and use it to be seen? The good news is that in this age of smartphones with fantastic quality cameras, getting good quality content out there without breaking the business budget is perfectly achievable. All you need to do is buy some bits of basic kit and follow a few simple tips. After all, a badly produced video will turn off those potential clients in nanoseconds if you get it wrong.

LOCATION – Your first question is  “Where should I shoot the video?’ In deciding, think about whether there’s any background noise that will be heard, whether the light is good, and what you’re going to stand in front of. It’s really important that the background doesn’t distract from what you’re saying, so tidy it up and take away anything random.

TRIPOD – Wobbly footage just looks bad. Even if you’re out and about doing a Facebook Live, use a selfie stick or tripod. You can buy relatively cheap ones on Amazon – just make sure it fits your particular mobile version, and make sure it’s high enough, for your needs.

FRAMING – Do you want to be in the middle or the side of the screen? If you’re going to put titles on one side, move to the side so there’s room to put them there in the edit.  The camera lens should be around your eye level so you don’t look either up into it or down into it, as you’re more likely to get a double chin!

LIGHTING – Use what you have –  natural light – or the lights in your house. Choose one of your lightest rooms to film, and if you’re using the natural light make sure it’s falling on your face on both sides, so there aren’t any dark shadows. Avoid filming into a window, as you’ll be back lit. If you don’t have a particularly light room to use, experiment with the lights and lamps you have to help make you stand out. Be aware that lights have colour temperatures, so you could end up looking like an orange contestant from Love Island!

AUDIO – Good sounding audio will set you apart from videos that use the inbuilt phone microphone. The latter will pick up your voice, but it will also pick up anything else going on in the room, which again could distract from the fabulous things you’re saying. So I’d advise buying an external microphone for your phone.

CLOTHES – Wear clothes that you suit, and that you’d normally wear for work. You want them to concentrate on your content, not anything you’re wearing, so this isn’t the time for your favourite slogan T-shirt. Oh, and wear make-up. HD and UHD cameras show up any wrinkles and shadows!

CONTENT – Make sure the content is relevant to your target audience, has a strong opening and tease what they’ll find out at the end so they keep watching. You want to keep them watching until the end.

ENTHUSIASM – The camera dulls you. Seriously. So, give an extra 10%. You, but 10 % more you.

PRACTISE – If you don’t like your first, second, third or fourth take, don’t worry – it’s a recording, so just do it again. Practising will make you more confident in what you’re saying, and your delivery will improve. I promise. That’s an overview of some of the things you need to think about. I cover all of this, and more during regular workshops.  And if you need something more bespoke for your business, get in touch.

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If your goal to grow your business or start marketing your business seems very big, that’s because it is! But it IS do able …


Welcome back to the world of work after the New Year break. Whether it is your first day back or not or if you are preparing for the week ahead, grab a cuppa and ease yourself back into work mode gently by reading this Newsletter first.

We hope you had a good Christmas and are raring to go in 2020. We certainly are at Pinpoint Marketing.

The benefits to a Marketing Plan …

If your goal to grow your business or start marketing your business seems very big, that’s because it is! But it IS do able. Just break it down into smaller and more manageable goals and tasks. For example, if you want to promote your business online in 2020, break this goal into smaller tasks like set up Facebook, set up LinkedIn, create a content plan, review your stats monthly, set up a blog, audit your site for SEO. Do this initially (and set a deadline for each one to make sure you get on with it and actually do it!) then repeat monthly/every 30 days.

Or, ask an expert like me to for this for you and create you and your business a Marketing Plan! This can be done in any month, not just January.

Find out more about our Marketing Plan package here

There are 7 stages to creating a Marketing Plan

1. Objective Setting

2. Defining the messaging

3. Defining a strategy

4. Defining the target audience

5. Developing the tactics

6. Implementing the plan

7. Measuring and evaluation

A plan can be created and implemented at any time and the content and timelines can be bespoke to you and your business.

See a sample Marketing Plan package here


20 reasons your business MUST have a Marketing Plan in 2020 …

Marketing Planning service from Pinpoint Marketing

No one likes taking risks unnecessarily or spending money if they don’t need to. Here I explain the benefits of a marketing plan and why every business must have one going into 2020. This blog article will be an example of how an implemented marketing plan using a variety of marketing techniques can AND does work.

If you haven’t set any objectives for your company and your marketing activities, how can you decide at the end of the year if you have achieved what you set out to do? Many companies don’t start marketing or don’t review their current marketing progress as things are good and they are happy with good.

Here are 20 reasons your business MUST have a Marketing Plan in 2020:

1.Build foundations for your business eg set goals, branding and messaging, SWOT analysis and more and ensure your campaigns are solid and prepared for

2.Break down a huge overwhelming task into manageable tasks

3.Avoid guesswork and make informed decisions. Minimise taking risks with your business

4.Define your target audience to ensure your campaigns reach the right people. Know you are talking to your customers in the right way with the right content e.g. personalise!

5.Spend your budget wisely by using facts. Save money by doing things once rather than multi times through carelessness

6. Save time by pre planning and multi tasking

7.Identify new opportunities within your market, including analysing your competitors

8.Ensure you use the right blend of the marketing mix. Our plans include reviewing your web and social media profiles to ensure they are working hard for you

9.Get organised for you and your business

10. Know your why and your marketing purpose through defining your objectives and goal setting

11. Identify any potential threats within your market. Uncover problems before they manifest themselves

12.Maintain and grow your reputation to customers, potential customers, suppliers and partners

13.Manage the resource you have internally and externally to maximum capacity. And use the plan doc to keep staff or freelancers up to date

14. Establish your position in the market

15.Differentiate from the crowd and know your USP (unique selling point)

16.Be proactive not just reactive

17.Get your brand out there and become recognisable as a thought leader in your industry

18.Break a huge task into manageable and bite sized chunks

19. Use your plan doc to review regularly to keep on track and remain focussed

20. Be logical with your activity

What is a marketing plan? There are 7 stages to a comprehensive marketing plan including

  1. Objective Setting
  2. Defining the messaging
  3. Defining a strategy
  4. Defining the target audience
  5. Developing the tactics
  6. Implementing the plan
  7. Measuring and evaluation

Having a plan will make you more focused and more successful and it will make the most of your budget.

Find out more here

Good luck for a successful 2020 and beyond …